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Yoga and Fitness Programmes

In Collaboration with the Sandhya Maarga Mission

Sandhya Maarga offers various types of Sandhya Maarga Yoga courses at its centres. Each programme is tailored for specific wellness purposes.

Since the World Health Organisation officially began promoting yoga in developing countries in 1978, Yoga has been cited for its health & wellness potential.

Enrol in these hands-on, innovative classes and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience. Our qualified and skilled instructors serve as facilitators in the course, guiding students through exploring and individual learning.

The Sandhya Maarga Yoga system was featured on NTV7 every week on its popular breakfast show - Good Morning Tai Tai (活力早晨).

Diploma in Yoga Teaching
Want to take another step further by embarking on a career in Yoga practice? We also offer a Diploma in Yoga Teaching accredited by the UK. We are the first and only Academy in Asia to offer a Diploma in Yoga Teaching with a UK accredited syllabus. Please click HERE to find out more.

Below is the list of the different authentic types of Yoga courses that you can enrol for.

(Each term lasts for 12 weeks.)

Yoga for General Health

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga for Students

Prenatal Yoga (Accompanying Dads Welcomed)

Postnatal Yoga

Yoga for Hypertensive Clients

Aqua Yoga (Yoga in Water)

SM Dancing with Yoga™

SM CardiYogaRobics™ (Velocity Yoga™)

SM AcuYogaPressure™

SM Abhyangam Yoga™

SM Arohanam Yoga™ (Ascension Yoga™)


Other Fitness Courses


CAT Training

Give us a call if you want to learn more, or join one of our free trial classes. Contact the office for more information about, the availability of or schedule of our courses. Different centres may have different courses available.

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What Some of Our Students Say About Our Courses?


"The environment in the studio is clean and tidy, which is important. I really enjoyed myself and felt always good spiritually and physically. The instructors are very lovely people."

​​Stella Suter (Switzerland)

Yoga for General Health

pei shan.jpg

"I look forward to going to my Yoga classes as it is good for my body, mind and spirit. I found that I am now able to do the things that I did not think I could do before. Not only is Yoga a good exercise that promotes weight loss, it has made me more flexible too. This helped improve my self-image. The health tips in classes taught me how to maintain a healthy metabolism that will help break down the body fat and detox."

Sia Pei Shan

Professional Model

Yoga for Weight Loss


"At one point of time, my right arm experienced numbness from time to time. Practising Yoga stretches my body and improved my right arm. I don't have the feeling of numbness anymore."

Alison Woon Siew Chiew

Yoga for General Health


"I decided to send Samreetha to Yoga class after her few episodes of bronchitis. Found Sandhya Maarga giving classes for children and she immediately joined in ever since she was 3. I found good results after she joined the Yoga class; less episodes of flu and phlegm. And thanks to SM, Samreetha has become increasingly interested in practising Yoga ever since."

Vinodhini Cha Chu (Mother of Samreetha Sivabalan)

Yoga for Kids