Meet The Team


Master Geneviève Tan Shu Thung

LL.B (Hons), DipNutri, DipAro, DipYoga, CertEd, Ph.D

Founder & President


Loved by students and faculty alike, Master Geneviève Tan Shu Thung has been teaching with knowledge, enthusiasm and joy in the Academy for years. Not only is she a guide in field of Spirituality and Yoga practice, she is also an avid writer who is also active in the Expressive Arts. Over the years, she has also spearheaded various programmes that serve humanity.

Wong Eileen

B.QS (Hons), ND

Head of Administrative Affairs
SM Yoga Instructor

Wong is a senior Sandhya Maarga Yoga instructor and is the Chitta Vajra instructor for the Children's Character Development Programme for the Sandhya Maarga Mission. Wong is also the Assistant Head Preceptor of the Sandhya Maarga Mission for Malaysia.

Sudha Kanisan

B.Sc (Nursing), M. (Nursing)

Head of Student Affairs


Sudha is a registered nurse at a renowned private hospital in Malaysia who also holds a professional certificate in Renal Nursing. She has many years of wide multi-disciplinary clinical nursing as well as nursing management experiences, whose responsibilities also include guiding and giving lectures to other nursing staff and students.

Silambarasu Karuppiah

B.Pharm (Hons), DipNutri

Head of Research & Communication


Although Silambarasu is a pharmacist in one of Malaysia's hospitals, he has developed deep interest in alternative methods of healing. He is of the opinion that pharmaceutical drugs may not be the only option in maintaining health because of their possible accompanying side effects.

Tan Yew Kiang

B.A. (English), M.Ed, M.Ed(Res)

Head of Examinations

HoF of Lang. & Ed.

Tan is the Head of Faculty for Language, Education & Communication. He is also the Academy's Head of Examinations. Tan graduated with 2 Masters; both of which specialise in the Education field (Masters in Education, and Masters of Education & Research - University of Liverpool, UK).

Ng Swee Hui

MA (Life Sciences)

HR & Operations Manager

Ng Sue Hwee is our charismatic team member who excels in public relations, and operations and team management. Ng’s experience in the health and wellness field makes her an invaluable asset to our Academy.

Maggie Kee

Personal Assistant

SMHLA Public Relations Officer


Since joining us, Maggie Kee has assisted the team in many ways to help the organisation achieve its objectives. Her love for animals is evident in her work with us as she is is one of our rescue volunteers for the PawPrints Natural Rescue project.

Maggie was once an administrator with a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic group.

So Rong Kwan

Course Consultant

PawPrints Volunteer​

Kwan is an outgoing individual with an upbeat and positive attitude. She possesses excellent communication sills and is resourceful, well-organised and detail-oriented. Not only  is she good with people, Kwan also loves animals very much.

She is a vegan and is a cheerful volunteer for our PawPrints  Natural Rescue Project.

Cindy Lee

Administrator & Head of Scheduling

Brenda Joseph

Administrator & Events Manager

Mandy Lawson (US)

Administrator & Liaison (International)

Yashvardhan Raj (UAE & India)

Events Liaison (International)

Emma Grant (UK)

Examination Administrator (International)


Faculty of Yoga


Chan Sook Ching

Dip in Yoga Teaching

SM Yoga Instructor

Amazingly energetic and driven, Chan Sook Ching quickly became one of the most beloved staff members at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy. 
She is a graduate of our Diploma in Yoga Teaching programme and is now one of our junior Yoga instructors in Malaysia. 
Her jovial, compassionate and mother-like nature makes her everyone's friend.

Phoon See Mun

Montessori Dip (Early Childhood), BBS (Business) & M.Ed (Early Childhood)Senior Teacher

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Phoon See Mun, one of our Sandhya Maarga's Diploma in Yoga Teaching students,  is constantly looking for ways to improve the current education system and therefore ventured into Yoga training with us in the hope that Yoga can be incorporated into the education system. Though she took Yoga for the children in mind, she soon realised that Yoga is a whole new world for her and she is now enjoying and loving every single moment of it.

Kang Pei Pei

BBA (Business Administration & International Business), M.Ed (ECE)

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Kang Pei Pei, one of Sandhya Maarga's Diploma in Yoga Teaching (UK) students, had worked as a Principal in a renowned preschool in Klang Valley for 6 years and is also the founder of Aifel Crafts Cottage and is currently active in providing training for craft lovers on the art of Quilling and scrapbooking.

Phang Juan Juan (SG)

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Felina, from Singapore, teaches the classical Yoga, Hatha yoga with suitable variations to her students, encourages them to engage mind body and soul development. She blends grace and stubbornness in her asana practice hoping to let her students achieve balance in daily life. She is currently our student taking up the Diploma in Yoga Teaching course.

Fanny Cheng (HK)

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Fanny Cheng, from Hong Kong, is a senior Yoga instructor, teacher and therapist at the Happiness Yoga Ayurveda (HK). She has undergone many hours of intensive training around the globe and is a certified Yoga therapist.

She is currently our student taking up the Diploma in Yoga Teaching course.

Vishalini Maheswaran

B.Pharm (Hons)

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Vishalini, a pharmacist by profession, had no experience with Yoga whatsoever when she joined the Sandhya Maarga Centre in Klang few years ago. She discovered that she wanted to explore the practice further and had therefore enrolled in our Diploma in Yoga Teaching course.

Giam Yee Fern

SM Diploma in Yoga Student
SM Cert. in Diet & Nutrition Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Yee Fern has been practising the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system for a few years now. She begins to realise that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play an important role in maintaining good health. She therefore enrolled herself in our double major programme consisting of the Diploma in Yoga Teaching and the Certificate in Diet & Nutrition.

Faculty of Natural Health Sciences


Chen Han Qi (CHINA)

B.Sc (TCM), M.Sc (Clinical Combination of TCM and Western Medicine)

Hon. Patron


Chen was the deputy chief physician of China's largest and renowned public Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital in China; the Jin Chuan Group Hospital. She was also an active and qualified TCM Trainer under the same group, specialising in women healthcare and is now a senior physician in the Suntech Traditional Chinese Healthcare group.

Wai Khai Juinn

BTCM (Hons)​

Hon. Advisor


Wai Khai Juinn is a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician who was attached with the Suntech Traditional Healthcare Group in Malaysia. He graduated from his Bachelors of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shanghai University of TCM in China.Since joining Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy, Ash Marcus has consistently brought a passion and dedication with them each day. You will find your place right away in any class taught by Ash Marcus.

Suresh Kumar Agarwal (INDIA)

M.Sc. (Yoga), M.Sc. (Psychology), MBA, M.Phil (Spirituality), LL.B, LL.M, M.D. (Homoeo)

Hon. Patron

Suresh Kumar Agarwal is the Chancellor for Pragyan International University (A Statutory University established by the Govt. of Jharkhand under Section 2f of University Grants Commission, Govt. of India), and the President for Peace Society Worldwide and UNESCO Association of Calcutta.

Erwin Torres (PHILIPPINES)

ND, Ph.D

Hon. Patron

Erwin Torres is a Naturopath and international speaker. Torres has his own health radio show "Basta Natural", the longest radio show on natural health in the Philippines, with the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines.

Prabhu Kumar Raju (INDIA)


Hon. Advisor

Dr. Prabhu is an ENT specialist, an allergiologist, hospital advisor and biovibes analyst. He is a medical professional with over 27 years of medical experience, encompassing a total of 18 years in ENT. Despite being an allopathic doctor, Dr. Prabhu is a strong advocate of preventive healthcare and alternative medicine.

Wu Ming Wan (TAIWAN)

B.Pharm (Hons), MCMA TCM Cert

Hon. Advisor

Wu is a physician who has had more than 20 years of experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She completed her Bachelors of Pharmacy from Taipei Medical University in Taiwan and proceeded to study her TCM course with the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association. She was also a General Medicine Clinical Lecturer of TCM Institute Malaysia from year 2004 to 2008.

Faris AlHajri (OMAN)

B.Qs (Hons), Ph.D

Hon. Advisor

Faris is an expert and international speaker on the topic of 'hot water therapy' (otherwise also known as HydroThermal Therapy or Aqua Qalidum Therapy). Aspiring to find a solution for ill health, he discovered the miracles of using hot water therapies on the body.

Gan Wei Long


Hon. Advisor


Gan, a practising Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, specialises in acupuncture, Tuina & the art of TCM Bone-Setting. He is the founder of the Visions TCM Healthcare Centre. He is a member of the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association & Federation of Chinese Physicians & Acupuncturists Associations of Malaysia.

Dr. C. D. Siby


​Hon. Advisor

Dr. C. D. Siby was born in Kerala and studied the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Madras University. He has a sound understanding of modern medical and paramedical sciences, and is the Chief Ayurvedic Physician at the famed Ayur Centre in Malaysia.

Faculty of Expressive Arts


Mary Ann Tear (UK)


Hon. Patron

Mary Ann Tear is the consultant in Drama and Performance for South East Asia based in Singapore and a senior examiner and trainer for Trinity College London. She is a choreographer, director, Performing Arts lecturer and practitioner and a British Federation Adjudicator. Her work has taken her all over the world.

Anders Nelsson (HK)

Hon. Patron

Anders Nelsson (聶安達), has been active in the Asian entertainment business for over 40 years. His acting career started with a small role in Bruce Lee’s "Way of The Dragon"in the early 1970s and he has appeared in countless Hong Kong-made TV dramas since then, for all the Hong Kong channels, CTV, RTHK, HK-TVB and RTV/ATV. He was also the former managing director for HK BMG.

Michael Law Ming Wai (HK)

Hon. Patron

Michael Law Ming Wai (羅銘偉), former Hong Kong TVB and ATV artiste, popular programme host and singer, graduated from the prestigious La Salle College in Hong Kong. He won the Champion title at the Asia Pacific Singing Contest and was a Runner-Up at the Grand Final that was organised by RTV (now ATV).

Susan Yan (HK)

Hon. Advisor

Susan Yan Sau San is a Hong Kong performer who has years of experience in singing. Possessing strong vocal chords, Susan has performed at many concerts in Hong Kong alongside other prominent Hong Kong artistes such as Michael Law Ming Wai and more.

Sathivel Ras Thaman

Hon. Advisor

A medical doctor, Dr. Sathivel is also a singer who recently released his album "PULSE". He is also extremely passionate about holistic healing and the therapeutic potential in music.

Sham Sunder Binwani

Hon. Advisor

Visiting Lecturer & Supervisor

A versatile performer, Mr. Sham Sunder Binwani has acted in local sitcoms, English and Malay television dramas, international films in Indonesia, India and not forgetting a series of international advertisements.

Faculty of Language and Education


Khoo Kheng Hor

MBA, CertDip. (Acc. & Finance), Dip. (Admin. Management)

Hon. Patron

Khoo Kheng-Hor a prolific author and speaker on contemporary application of the 500 BC Chinese military treatise, The Art of War, by military strategist Sun Tzu. To date, Khoo has written over 26 business and management books. He is alsoan international speaker.

 Jonathan Quek

Hon. Patron

Jonathan is the bestselling author of "Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?". An industrious leader, he motivates youths through talk shows, interviews and writing. He has been featured and interviewed in numerous media.

Maurice Thurman (UK)

B.Sc (Hons), P.G.C.E., M.Ed.

Hon. Advisor

Maurice is a retired Science teacher who has lived and taught on four continents. He is an internationally published author of several books.

Faculty of Media and Communication


Akmal Syamsuddin (INDONESIA)

Hon. Advisor

Akmal Syamsuddin, graduated from the Jakarta State University (UNJ) and worked for one of Asia's leading English newspaper, The Jakarta Post. With more than 30 years of experience in journalism, Akmal is well-versed with the running of a paper that updates readers on current and important news.

Darul Aqsha (INDONESIA)


Hon. Advisor

Darul Aqsha was an editorial researcher with one of Brunei Darussalam's national paper - The Brunei Times. From Indonesia, Darul used to report for Semesta, a monthly news magazine, and was an editorial researcher for The Jakarta Post (from 1983-2007).

Darren Ho Sze Lim

B.Sc, Adv. Dip. (Chem & Bio)

Hon. Advisor
Photographer & Instructor

Darren, a highly creative individual, who is not only a qualified chemist but a professional photographer as well. He is an essential part of the team in Kreativ Künste Productions.

Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences


Noreen Huni

BA (Health & Adult Education), MA (Adult Education)

Hon. Patron

Noreen is a Public Health and Social Scientist with over 15 years of successfully working in a number of multi-cultural settings and different environments including local and international NGO’s and state services, rural and urban settings with different audiences. She is the CEO for the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI), a National Health Education Officer in Zimbabwe, and Midwife and General Nurse at the Harare Central Hospital.

Sanni Innuwa Baba (NIGERIA)

Hon. Patron

Sanni is currently a staff of Financial Systems Strategy 2020 (FSS2020) PMO, an initiative headed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and also the President/National Coordinator of Arewa Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment Initiative (AYEE), a youth organisation aimed at creating an environment ripe for youth leadership in the society and effective role models for one another.

Dada Shiveshananda (PHILIPPINES)

Hon. Advisor

Dada Acarya Shiveshananda Avadhuta (Mario Antonio Virgilio M. Reyes) is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga who has devotedly worked as a missionary traveling the whole world.  A teacher of Yoga and Taichi for 32 years, he has provided spiritual guidance and other practical tools for personal empowerment and healthy lifestyle to people worldwide utilising the Science of Yoga and Taichi.

Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Catering


Pham Xuan Quyet (VIETNAM)

Hon. Advisor

Visiting Lecturer

Mr. Riley Pham believes that travelling and education can nourish one’s personal passion in hospitality by transforming the passion and vision into reality. He is also a Hospitality & Tourism lecturer at the Ba Ria Vung Tau University (BVU) in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Tey Chee Seng (AUSTRALIA)

Hon. Advisor


Tey is a qualified chef specialising in pastry making. He obtained his Le Grand Diplôme Le Cordon Bleu, a highly acclaimed passport to the Culinary World, from the United Kingdom. This chef has shared his knowledge about preparing nutritious food and was featured on TV for a culinary show of 9 episodes.

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