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Read some of our students' experiences with us.


Testimonials: Classes
Testimonial - Chan SC.jpg

Chan Sook Ching

Diploma in Yoga Teaching

"Actually, taking the Diploma in Yoga was an entirely new experience for me and it was not something I had imagined before. I thought it was going to be something like going back to school; the tables, listening to the teacher talk, talk, talk and all. But it wasn't! Classes for me were fun and the journey for me has been nothing short but exciting...

The education with Sandhya Maarga does not only teach facts and the practical aspects of Yoga but has also helped me develop my character."

Phoon See Mun.jpg

Samantha Phoon See Mun

Diploma in Yoga Teaching

"I always thought Yoga is just a form of exercise. I didn't know much about it until I started learning more about the practice. Master Genevieve was right. Yoga, as affirmed by the WHO, is a form of therapy. Not only does it help improve my health physically, I always experience peace of mind when practising yoga. It is through Yoga that I find inner peace. There is no other exercise that helps physically and spiritually at the same time. Initially, I took Yoga for the preschool children and not for myself. I'm grateful for this twisted fate that brought me to a whole new world. There's still a long journey to this whole new world and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

Testimonial - Wong CW.jpg

Wong Chee Wei

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

"I am grateful that I have chosen to study the Diploma in Diet & Nutrition course with SMHLA because I have learnt so much... Master Genevieve and Madam Sudha were very helpful and taught me what I have always wanted to learn."

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-03 at 18.40.55.jpeg

Yap Siou Yu

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

"I had been interested in exploring Diet & Nutrition as there are numerous facts and myths in this area. I was glad to get to know about how this Academy was offering UK accredited courses with affordable fees from my friend, who was also a student here. All lessons are well designed with supportive learning environment. Lecturers here are knowledgeable and committed to help the students to excel. The knowledge and skills I acquired at the Academy has greatly enhanced my confidence to share / exchange knowledge in this area with others. What I have learned here will definitely help me throughout my life."


Neoh Kim Seong

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

"Taking this diploma course was indeed a sudden yet a VERY RIGHT decision. This course has equipped me with the necessary knowledge to understand the RIGHT FOOD to consume in order to stay healthy. Having the right diet & nutrition is essential for our health, however there are other factors such as “Qi” or energy flow in our body which should not be neglected as well.  As our ancestor used to say, “When the Qi-Blood circulation is good, all the diseases go away”.   SMHLA, unlike other colleges, offers a whole range of courses and practices which I believe would be able to lead a person to a much healthier life - with healthier body, mind & soul. Thank you SMHLA for all the great efforts done."

Testimonial - Michelle.jpg

Chiang Mei Lan

Diploma in Aromatherapy

"I was always getting more & more excited for the next class. Acquiring knowledge in Aromatherapy has opened up the world for me! I strongly believe that when we have a strong passion in a subject, we must pursue it, and arm ourselves with knowledge. Now, my biggest take away from this course is, that age is just a number, there is no limit. This qualification provided me the confidence and resources that we need not fear the use of essential oils and as such, it made me realised after graduating that I am honoured to be an alumni of this holistic academy."

Christina Kwan_edited.jpg

Kwan Yau Oi

Diploma in Aromatherapy

"I love this course because it covers a wide range of knowledge about Anatomy & Physiology, essential oils and holistic healing. Feeling great!

This course has transformed me to appreciate the power of the natural healing of essential oils. It has also developed my confidence, brighten my inner strength to help others transform their life and health with essential oils."

Testimonial - Farah Harnum.jpg

Farah Harnum

Diploma in Aromatherapy

"I love this course. I get to know in depth about aromatherapy as an ancient healing that has been used
thousand of years to improved our health and well being. Initially, I learned about
human anatomy and physiology to equip me with with the knowledge of the human structure. Then, the
journey continues with essential oils and its theraupetic application. It really awesome. You learn
about 100 essential oils that are really great to improve well being. It was really exciting and thank you to the lecturers for their guidance and experience that helped me a lot
during my study here."


Low Bee Hiong

Diploma in Aromatherapy

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn with Sandhya Maarga. I am very glad that I went ahead with the course and although I found Anatomy & Physiology to be a very dull, dry and boring topic for me, I still enjoy the course especially when I get to learn about the essential oils and their use. I hope to learn all that are necessary to be able to use my knowledge to assist others when needed in the future."

Sandhya Maarga Yoga Courses Students


"The environment is clean and tidy, which is important. I really enjoyed myself and felt always good spiritually and physically. The instructors are very lovely people."

Stella Suter (Switzerland)

Yoga for General Health

pei shan.jpg

"I look forward to going for SM Yoga classes as it is good for my body, mind and spirit. I found that I'm now able to do the things that I didn't think I could do before. Not only is Yoga a good exercise that promotes weight loss, it has made me more flexible too. This helped improve my self-image. The health tips in classes taught me how to maintain a healthy metabolism that will help break down the body fat and detox."

Sia Pei Shan (Professional Model)

Yoga for Weight Loss


"I decided to send Samreetha to Yoga class after a few episodes of bronchiolitis. Found Sandhya Maarga giving classes for children and she immediately joined in ever since she was 3. I found good results after she joined the Yoga class, less episodes of flu & phlegm. And thanks to Sandhya Maarga, Samreetha has become increasingly interested in practising Yoga ever since."

Vinodhini Cha Chu (Mother of Samreetha Sivabalan)

Yoga for Kids


"At one point of time, my right arm experienced numbness from time to time. Practising Yoga stretches my body and improved my right arm. I don't have the feeling of numbness anymore."

Alison Woon Siew Chiew

Yoga for General Health

Testimonials: Testimonials

German Language Course Students

"It was definitely a whole new experience to learn a new language. With German, you can open new doors of opportunities and build up self esteem and confidence too. I am glad I have made the decision to learn German here."

See Jia Le

Student in Germany

"I'm very grateful to be able to learn with Ms. Tan. She is very patient and always tried her best to correct me even though I kept on repeating my mistakes. I went for 2 weeks one-on-one intensive course and managed to speak some German in such a short period of time. Learning the basics before I left for Germany was probably my best decision ever. Couldn't get a better German teacher for beginners who want to learn German."

Yap Wei Liam

Exchange Student in Germany

"The classes helped me gain a strong interest in learning German and I really enjoyed them."

Isaac Lau

Student at Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

"I'm very grateful to have made my decision to learn German lessons at this Academy. Having the ability to acquire another language allowed me to expand my value in work and life. Now that I live in Austria, being able to communicate in their first language is very important and I'm glad I've built my base at this Academy. Thank you!"

Tiffany Tan
Resident in Austria

"Although I may not be using German anytime soon, I have learned a lot about this valuable language. Classes were interactive and the teacher has helped me get through the course, improving my understanding of the language."

Joshua Lau

Student in Ireland

"I have a great experience studying German via online conferencing with this Academy. Studying German online allows me to be very comfortable in my own way in a familiar environment, which is even better than studying in a classroom. I am not ashamed to make mistakes because I do not mind how people would stare at me if I make mistakes."

Angeline Ng​

Klang, Malaysia

"Learning German increases our job opportunities with German companies in Malaysia. It is a good thing since there are so many German corporations in this country.  It is an additional skill that helps impress the employer and allow us to remain competitive over other applicants."

Yu Shiou Hui

Klang, Malaysia

"German is a tough language but with practice and dedication, it's not that hard."

Sarnesh Manickavasagam

Klang, Malaysia

"Learning a new language is not easy but it is fun. I enjoy learning German here because we study in a small group, that makes it easier for us to discuss and ask the teacher. Now, I'm able to read, write and communicate simple conversations in German with my sisters and friends and I love the feeling that I am now able to understand German."

Tan Guat Fong

Klang, Malaysia

"The German language class is interesting and good for beginners. I'm glad that I was able to learn this new language in a short time!"

Noel Tan

Klang, Malaysia

"If you are interested in classical music, you should study in Germany. If you are looking for a car, buy German. If you are looking for high-end electronics like headphones and speakers, look for the sign "made in Germany". If you want to improve productivity, learn from a German. If you are interested in festivals, check out Oktoberfest in Munich! So get started! Learn German!!"

Sylar Sun

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"At first, I had difficulties in choosing the right language to learn to broaden my language skills. I was unsure if German or French would suit be better that time. However, after joining the German class at this Academy, I am pretty sure learning German is the best choice I have ever made. Now, I have mastered the language and would love to continue learning."

Lee Say Yein

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I always wanted to learn the German Language to further my studies in Germany. I have come across a few instructors and found that only Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy offered the best that suited my needs. I needed an instructor who can always engage closely with students and speaks German in class from beginning until the end of the session. Every time I attend classes, I feel so fulfilled. I would definitely love to continue doing it until I have successfully achieved my goal."

Guan Chin Kuan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Testimonials: Testimonials

Conversational Mandarin Course Students

Rajesh Naidu 2.jpg

"A trip to Beijing prompted me to enrol for Mandarin classes at SMHLA... Thanks to the tutor's dedication, I am proud to say I'm able to speak and understand the language well. It was a great advantage during my trip to China."

Rajesh Naidu

TEMP Jothy.jpg

"A simple and interactive way of learning Mandarin primarily focused on grasping the basics of the language. The teacher would often have role plays in class to improve our conversational skills and writing of short compositions to gauge our understanding of the lessons and the Mandarin language."

Jegajothy Jeganantham

TEMP Sindhu Pravina.jpg

"We had a great experience learning Mandarin. The best part was we get to converse with our classmates and it didn't matter if we made mistakes. Our last session was the best because we got to speak in Mandarin in a Chinese restaurant!"

Sindhu & Pravinaa Krishnan

Testimonials: Testimonials
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