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Tan Yew Kiang

B.A. (English), M.Ed, M.Ed(Res)

Head of Examinations

HoF of Lang., Ed. & Comm.


Tan is the Head of Faculty for Language, Education & Communication. He is also the Academy's Head of Examinations. Tan graduated with 2 Masters; both of which specialise in the Education field (Masters in Education, and Masters of Education & Research - University of Liverpool, UK).

Though Tan had his Bachelors in 1985, majoring in the English Language,  he had already acquired his teaching certificate from the Malayan Teacher's College (Malaysia) in 1975. He began his teaching career since 1976 (till today: 40 years of experience).

A highly experienced teacher trainer, Tan has taught both locally and abroad. He was appointed as the Exam Setter and was the Chief Marker for the Brunei Darussalam's (B.D.) religious schools' Form 6 English Language examination from 2003 to 2011, Exam Setter for the B.D.'s Lower Certificate of Education's English Language Examination in 2010, and was the Chief Marker for the B.D.'s Lower Certificate of Education's English Language Examination from 2006 to 2010, supervising a team of 53 markers from various schools in the country. Tan has taught abroad for about 18 years.

Before Brunei Darussalam, Tan was a lecturer (Teacher Trainer) at the Teacher's College (M.P.T.) for 11 years in Malaysia. To date, he has also attended many training courses, both locally and overseas, making his experience in the Education field an invaluable asset to our Academy. Among the trainings he had received over the years included (but not limited to) team-building courses, first aid & emergency procedures, "Principles and Practice of Teaching, Learning and Training for English Language Teaching" at the College of St. Mark and St. John (UK) and more.

Achieving balance in lifestyle is important and is something we encourage all of our students to do. Apart from concentrating on his academic life, Tan was also very active in sports - he was a state volleyball player in Malaysia.

Tan Yew Kiang: TeamMember
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