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Trinity College London

Speech Communication Arts (SCA)

Available for students between age 5 to 14.

Skillful listening and confident speaking are keys to achievement in many aspects of education, as well as in our work and personal life.

As children, we gradually develop the ability to talk, learn, share and communicate. Future success at school, in business, in artistic and intellectual pursuits and in relationships will depend on these skills.

In a world of change, the art of speech communication is too crucial to be left to chance.

SCA qualifications are available at six levels, progressively developing confidence and systematically developing the skills needed for achievement in professional and social spheres.

From the outset, students gain the ability to share ideas, knowledge and understanding and, as they progress through the levels, to negotiate, ask questions, exchange views, make presentations and learn to listen to one another effectively.

To enrol for or enquire about this course, contact us here.

Speech Communication Art (SCA): Classes
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