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So Rong Kwan

Course Consultant
PawPrints Natural Rescue Volunteer

TEMP Kwan So Rong.jpg

Kwan is an outgoing individual with an upbeat and positive attitude. She possesses excellent communication siills and is resourceful, well-organised and detail-oriented. Not only  is she good with people, Kwan also loves animals very much.

Inspired by the health benefits, environmental and ethical reasons to switch to a vegan lifestyle, she strives to introduce the variety of foods that Mother Nature has to offer to build a strong and healthy body.

Not long after transitioning to a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, she has felt healthier than ever. Her asthma symptoms along with obesity has disappeared. Asthma inhalers were no longer a necessity and she claims that anxiety of travelling has also disappeared. Kwan believes that the elimination of meat, dairy and egg products along with moderate amount of exercise brought her to where she is today. She hopes to inspire others through cooking, baking and conscious living with Holistic Living Annex for the Delicious Corner column.

While reading the book “Sun Tzu’s Art Of War Unveiled” by Master Genevieve Tan, she was inspired to strive to be her better self and appreciate the knowledge that was provided by Master Genevieve; to work to fulfil her ambition and to live in the present moment.

She is a vegan, a contributor for Holistic Living Annex and is a cheerful volunteer for our PawPrints  Natural Rescue Project.

So Rong Kwan: Meet the Team
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