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An Academy Where Talent, Health and Nature Carves Out the Real You

Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy’s tagline — embracing the rhythm of Mother Nature — says it all. This is a place where one is taken on a discovery journey to bring out one’s innate talent and creative nature. This is where education is not just about teaching and learning but delves deeper into understanding what you are made of and the huge potential that lies within you. SMHLA with its highly-trained tutors and facilitators, and international panel of distinguished patrons and advisors, guides you to identify your inherent talent in the most creative and expressive way. This mode of teaching is inspired by the academy’s founder, Genevieve Tan Shu Thung, who has vast experience, exposure and the unique passion for natural therapy. She strongly believes that it is only through empowering people with education that they can bring out the best in them, all done in communion with the spirit of nature and the love for it. The academy offers internationally-recognisedqualifications in the fields of holistic wellness, expressive arts, language and education, providing you with the skills for life to work in a global economy regardless of the learner’s age. The scheduling of classes are also designed to cater for working individuals. SMHLA offers qualifications from highly-recognised boards such as the Trinity College London for Language and Performing Arts courses, and ITEC, which is one of the world’s leading awarding bodies specialising in the fields of complementary therapy, sports and fitness, and more. Among the many different courses SMHLA offers are UK accredited diploma in yoga teaching, diploma in aromatherapy, diploma in sports massage, certificate in diet & nutrition, certificate in education & training, and Trinity College London’s diploma in teaching speech & drama. Performing Arts courses in SMHLA are offered in collaboration with Kreativ Künste Productions. Practice and training are paramount at the academy. It is the first academy to work with an established leading fertility hospital, Metro IVF Fertility, to educate the public on the possible role of yoga in complementing the science of fertility. Students in the Natural Health Science courses also have access to clinical training in a hospital setting to maximise their education experience. The academy also organises an annual International Conference & Exhibition for Holistic Wellness whereby experts from different countries and different backgrounds such as traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda and homoeopathy congregate to share their knowledge and skills. The next conference will be held on September 23. To bridge students with the outside world, the academy also offers language courses. SMHLA has helped many students who take up its German Language course to study in Germany, a country that offers free higher education. The academy offers unlimited possibilities in achieving anything your mind can conceive. It all begins with education and a strong foundation that would provide the strength to build your future. Students at SMHLA are challenged to venture into “roads not taken” and with their success, they would inspire others.

Interview published in the Malay Mail (April 25, 2018).