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Silambarasu Karuppiah

B.Pharm (Hons), DipNutri

Head of Research & Communication


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Although Silambarasu is a pharmacist in one of Malaysia's hospitals, he has developed deep interest in alternative methods of healing. He is of the opinion that pharmaceutical drugs may not be the only option in maintaining health because of their possible accompanying side effects. He believes that the different practices of holistic medicine may offer better treatment in the long run as they aim to treat each disease from its root, instead of just alleviating the symptoms.

This pharmacist contributes health-related articles on Holistic Living Annex to update readers the current issues pertaining to the pharmaceutical field and natural modes of healing.


Silambarasu is also a Sandhya Maarga instructor for the Yoga for Kids course, a mentor for the our Chitta Vajra Programme for Kids and our Vedic Mathematics tutor; a Mathematics course that trains students how to solve mathematical questions mentally using unique formulas.

He is a senior disciple of Mental Science and the Sandhya Maarga Meditation under the guidance of Master Genevieve Tan. Possessing a strong link to the practice of spirituality and meditation since a young age, he holds on to his strong interest in Quantum Physics, which he believes that everything in the entire cosmos is vibrating with infinite energy.

Silambarasu Karuppiah: TeamMember
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