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Serving Humanity Projects

We, at Sandhya Maarga, strong believe in serving others to help create a better world for every living being in this world. Below are some of the different projects that we are active in. If you are interested in joining any of these projects as a volunteer, you are always welcomed!

Serving Humanity Projects: Event
Volunteer Team

“The ultimate goal of education is to change lives for the better; the student's, those around him/her and others around the world. Education without this goal in mind renders it meaningless.”

Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

Founder & President of SMHLA

Serving Humanity Projects: Quote
Chitta Vajra Logo (FINAL).jpg

Chitta Vajra Programme (CVP)

Changing the World, One Child at a Time

Children are the pillars of society. When children are taught the proper values, they will eventually grow up to be good leaders. Only with the leadership of people with good values will the world live in harmony and peace.

The Chitta Vajra programme is a free weekly class offered to help children cultivate good values and principles.

PP Logo.jpg

PawPrints Natural Rescue (PPNR)

Giving Life A Second Chance

Welcome to SM PawPrints Natural Rescue. This is one of the wings of the Sandhya Maarga Mission, initiated to rescue injured stray animals with natural and alternative methods of healing, and finding them loving homes. We are all independent rescuers and do our best day in and day out to help the animal kingdom.

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WLFiA Logo (FINAL).jpg

Women's Life Force in Action (WLFiA)

Empowering Women All Around the Globe

The Sandhya Maarga Mission initiated a women support circle called the "Women's Life Force in Action" (WLFiA) to provide support in various ways to grieving women who are afflicted by physical or emotional abuse, abandonment etc. 

Logo - Golden Age Programme (GAP).png

Golden Age Programme (GAP)

Seniors Matter!

This initiative aims to let the elderly who live alone or frail feel loved and cared for. Our volunteers spend time and run errands for selected seniors to create a more inclusive environment for our older generation.

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SMM Seva Project - Logo - BEE.png

Bridging Education Excellence (BEE)

Breaking Education Barriers to Create Opportunities

This project provides various free educational lectures, workshops, seminars and programmes from time-to-time for participants to create more opportunities for themselves in this world.

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Logo - Youth Empowerment Strategy (YES).png

Youth Empower Strategy (YES)

Empowering Youths to Transform the World

This initiative engages youths to participate in various activities to channel their time for more productive purposes. Activities range from free classes to film productions with underlying wisdom of life messages for positive transformation.

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SMM Seva Project - Logo - SERVE.png

Sustainable Earth Rehabilitation Voluntary Effort (SERVE)

Restoring Balance to Mother Nature

This initiative aims to increase the awareness on environmental preservation methods. We empower individuals with ideas and show them the various ways how we can make a difference to create a sustainable lifestyle to protect Mother Nature.

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Logo - HELP.png

Hope, Empathy and Light Project (HELP)

Holding On Together

This project is an initiative that helps individuals in need to reach out to someone to talk to about any issues that they may be facing in their life. Sometimes, a neutral person makes the best confidante so that no one feels alone.

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Serving Humanity Projects: Classes
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