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Sathivel Ras Thaman

Faculty of the Expressive Arts

Hon. Advisor

A medical doctor, Dr. Sathivel (a.k.a. Dr. Sakthi) is also a singer who recently released his album "PULSE". He is also extremely passionate about holistic healing and the therapeutic potential in music.

Dr. Sathivel graduated from Crimea State Medical University, Russia, in 2009 (Crimea was still a part of Ukraine in 2009). He attained his medical training and served in one of the busiest hospitals in Malaysia - Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang, for almost 4 years. He gathered his experience there as a houseman and then as a medical officer in the Accident and Emergency Department, which is arguably the busiest A+E department in the whole nation.

His next journey in medicine took him to Daro, Sarawak, where he took the responsibility as The Director of Hospital Daro. There, he helped transform the rural hospital and helped improve the overall management and clinical practice. Patients’ stays were cut short with improved medical management, new and effective drugs were introduced, mortality rates were reduced and staff were trained to reach a whole new level of competency. Dr. Sathivel also put in much effort into addressing many long standing issues and barriers that held Hospital Daro back from functioning at its optimum level.

The issues that were tackled fiercely included low quality water supply to the hospital. The issue of unstable electricity supply in the rural town which affected the hospital very frequently was also addressed. New medical equipment and hospital transportation was also introduced. The first ever autopsy since its opening was performed in Hospital Daro by Dr. Sathivel.

He also managed one of the worst boat disasters in Sarawak which, at that time, received national level attention. Dr. Sathivel left Sarawak after he ended his service with the government about a year later. He now continues his journey in the private sector where he experiences working in private hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Sathivel is also a musician who plays with his Band "The Zen People". Together, they play a newly blended musical genre called "Quantum Reggae"; a genre of music, which is directed towards listeners as a potential healing modality with songs written with carefully chosen and positively influencing words.

Being a medical doctor who balances music and medicine, he plays all ethnic drum and hand percussions, the guitar, sings, writes lyrics, composes music and is a strong believer in the healing powers of music.

Dr. Sathivel has performed, wrote and composed the official anthem for the Malaysian Cancer council (MAKNA) titled - "You gotta Live", an uplifting song. In collaboration with the same NGO, he was also involved in organising the Think.ART charity event in March 2016 that presented a fusion of music, art exibition, live paintings, health, wellness and healing - the first of its kind in the country. Dr. Sathivel, together with his band, performed their music live in 432Hz(A-432 tuning); the first Malaysian band to jump into this pythagorean tuning which resonates with the universal nature, widely believed to possess healing potential that is still yet to be medically and scientifically proven as there is a lack of research in this field.

Overall, Dr. Sathivel is a spiritualist, creative doctor and health activist who aspires to be a complete vegan. He is an aspiring integrative medical practitioner, modern day mind programming and subliminal training coach, dietary advisor, a strong believer and a fan of Dr. Sebi and his healing methods with alkaline food.

In 2016, Dr. Sathivel initiated "A Healing Holiday"; a health vacation programme with a holistic approach. It is a new movement to promote Holistic Medicine and Natural Healing. He believes that doctors and alternative medical healers, therapists and health experts should start working together in helping the masses.

He is also is the Director of Go Midori (M) Sdn Bhd, which promotes ecologically friendly solutions to modern day living, promotes health and wellness, and is currently involved in a few other philanthropic businesses. This singing doctor also dedicates his time to raise awareness of alternative medicine through The Rainbow Healing House Association; a registered NGO that promotes all holistic healing modalities.

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