Phoon See Mun

Montessori Dip (Early Childhood), BBS (Business) & M.Ed (Early Childhood)

Yoga Faculty

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

Yoga Instructor-in-Training

Phoon See Mun.jpg

Phoon See Mun, one of Sandhya Maarga's Diploma in Yoga Teaching (UK) students, started off with a Business Degree in a corporate world. However, she ventured into the education line after she discovered her love and passion for children.

She is a graduate in Early Childhood Education with a Master of Education who is also qualified with a Montessori Teaching Diploma. She taught for a few years at some Montessori preschools in Malaysia but soon realised that the Montessori schools in Malaysia may not be practising the Montessori philosophy fully. Therefore, she left Malaysia and went to live in Hong Kong for over 5 years, where she gained the experience of teaching in a few Montessori international schools there.

With a strong Montessori knowledge and experience of working with all levels of children (18 months to 6 years old) including special needs children, she came back to Malaysia and started her own Montessori preschool.

Quality education is her priority. She challenged the conventional education method and the so-called local Montessori method in Malaysia and created her own ideal way of education. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the current education system and therefore ventured into Yoga training with Sandhya Maarga in the hope that Yoga can be incorporated into the education system. Though she took Yoga for the children in mind, she soon realised that Yoga is a whole new world for her and she is now enjoying and loving every single moment of it.

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