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Kreativ Kúnste Productions

Movie Production & Filming

Browse through our courses related to movie production and filming below. We organise classes & workshops all over Malaysia throughout the year. If you are interested in any of them, get in touch with us.

Broadcast Video Camera

Introductory Course to Movie Production

This course is ideal for those who are more interested in the more practical & technical side of the performing arts. Gain the skills you need to start a career in the competitive industry of film production. Students enrolled in this course will be taught how to use the camera to get the correct angle, scriptwriting, light-management, film-editing, crew organisation, prop management and voice-recording. You will also learn the quality of different cameras and the art of directing during the programme.

This is an all-in-one introductory course to movie production.

Actresses Reading Script


Who does not like to be entertained? Whether it is a live performance or motion picture on screen, the audience look forward to a good story line. That is how important scriptwriters are. In this course, you will learn all you need to know on wow-ing your audience with a good piece of work and it all stems from an IDEA.  It is designed for individuals with little or no screenwriting experience who are ready, willing, and able to work and learn within a fast-paced, high pressure, focused environment.

Camera on Crane


Learn all the techniques on using the video recording tools to film your masterpiece. From learning how to select the best camera suited for your purpose to planning your scenes, this course is ideal for those who love the role of being behind the scene.

We are a very active group in producing short films, inspiration advertisements and documentaries. Get involved with our film productions today! Express your talent and open the door to a whole new world by being part of a great team!

View of actress through viewfinder

Acting for the Camera

Acting for the camera can be intimidating. With this course, you will learn how to develop your self-confidence and be as natural as you can be in front of the camera. Successful vocal projection techniques will be taught so that you can deliver a performance so natural that your audience will be as though they are there with you on the set.

Director of Photography

Directing Skills

This course is suitable for those who would like to learn the traits and skills of a successful director. Not only will you study the fundamentals of filmmaking, you will be expected to familiarise yourself with all the other aspects in movie production. In this programme, students will not only learn how to work on a set but also how one can take an idea and materialise it as a show for an audience to watch.

Editing a Movie

Video / Movie Editing

No movie is ever complete without editing. The post-production editing is as vital as the process of filming it. This is exactly where the magic happens. The sound effects, fine-tuning of the volume, special affects and stringing all the scenes together are all carried out here. While it may be challenging, the results are often satisfying. Learn how to create magic in your production with this programme.

Movie Production & Filming: Classes
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Movie Production & Filming: Gallery
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