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Master Geneviève Tan Shu Thung

LL.B (Hons), DipNutri, DipAro, DipYoga, CertEd, DipEd, ATCL Dip. Teaching (Speech & Drama), Adv. Cert. (Singing - Classical), DipSMT, CertSM, M. (A.M.), Ph.D

Founder & President of SMHLA

Lecturer & Instructor

Our beloved Master Geneviève Tan Shu Thung (who is also affectionately called by śiṣyas as Master, Mother, Amma, Sandhyamma, Mataji or Guruji) is a Malaysian-born spiritual guide and the founder of the Sandhya Maarga Mission.

Over the years, the Master has travelled around the world to impart wisdom on meditation, and the philosophy and principles of spirituality. Disciples (śiṣyas) of the Mission of different age groups come from different countries and have diverse backgrounds.

Spirituality is Man’s birth right,” emphasised the Master from the beginning.

The Power of the Pen

Not only has the Master does the Master deliver spiritual discourses, she has also penned many books and articles related to spirituality, holistic health and wellness, and the power of right-thought to empower the readers in all areas of life. Her work cultivates in readers the confidence in the Self of which physical reality unfolds from. One of her most famous books is Sun Tzu’s Art of War Unveiled: A Fourth-Dimensional Interpretation to Master Your Mind, which has received critical acclaim and praised for its spiritual depth by many all over the world. Master has also composed many poetries about the essence of life and spirituality.

Just like every youth, Master also had a career in employment after reading Law in the UK. Instead of practising in the legal profession, she became a journalist with The Brunei Times, whose work later caught the attention of the Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA – German Press Agency). After her career with DPA, Geneviève then started a new chapter of life by joining a multinational company in Dubai. Despite all the phases of life, she never failed to live up to her mission of empowering individuals.

Balance is the key to proper development of both mind and body. With the progress of technology in the world today, many have forgotten how to lead a simple and natural lifestyle. Equipped with her previous experiences in journalism and aiming to educate people on the principles of holistic living, she launched the online e-Magazine Holistic Living Annex. The magazine remains free from 2012 since it was launched until today with the sole purpose of educating readers about health, lifestyle and spirituality.

Sandhya Maarga Yoga

She is also the founder of the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system, which encompasses the various programmes that were specifically designed to support the practitioner’s overall health and wellness. Some of the most notable unique Sandhya Maarga Yoga programmes that the Master had introduced include:

(i) AcuYogaPressure™

(ii) Velocity Yoga™ / CardiYogaRobics™

(iii) Abhyangam Yoga (Deep-Heat Massage) Yoga™

(iv) Arohanam Yoga™ (also known as Ascension Yoga™ or Ladder Yoga™).

(v) Svasina Yoga™ (Chair Yoga – for the elderly or practitioners who struggle with mobility)

Recognition for Yoga

Recognised for her contribution to the practice of Yoga worldwide, Master Geneviève was appointed as an Honorary Advisor for the World Yoga Foundation and was featured on NTV7's weekly Yoga segment on its popular breakfast show "Good Morning Tai Tai". She was also invited by the Philippines College of Alternative Medicines to lecture the participants of their international health conference on the areas of mind-body medicine and Yoga.

A Deep Passion for Education

Master has a deep passion for education. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Law from the United Kingdom and proceeded with postgraduate studies in the field of Complementary & Alternative Medicines in India. Even after graduating from PhD, Master continued to explore more areas and earned many more UK-accredited diplomas in the relevant fields that she was truly passionate about such as Diploma in Aromatherapy, Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, Diploma in Diet & Nutrition, Diploma in Education & Training as well as a Diploma in Teaching Speech & Drama.

An experienced naturopath, Master had always said that all diseases are nothing but the manifestations of negative thoughts: "all diseases are a result of a sick mind. Correct the mind and your body will be healed."

Master has never failed to show how passionate she is in the education field. She believes that it is crucial to produce more generations of inquisitive minds and create greater awareness about the practices of Complementary and Alternative Medicines. As a result, she established the Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy, a UK registered college, that provides education and training that focus on these holistic health subjects such as Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Aromatherapy and Sports Massage Therapy. Not limiting her passion in education to only these areas, Master also believes that education should be designed in such a way that education has a holistic framework to be delivered to students. She therefore launched Sphaeram Academy that focuses on non-holistic health subjects that would provide greater degree of engagement by students.

Her passion in the expressive arts is also notable. Master has always strived to tap into the creativity that lies dormant in all youths. She believes that their time is better channelled to produce meaningful projects instead of wasting it on unfruitful activities that many indulge in today. To serve this purpose, Master has produced and directed various films and stage productions that consist important underlying messages and the philosophy of life that would transform the world into a better place.

Serving Humanity

Master served and provided free education and alternative healthcare programmes in the rural villages of India. At a tender young age in 2012, she received the ‘Health Excellence Award’ from the hands of Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater, the former Vice Chancellor of Singhania University in Rajasthan, for exemplifying invaluable leadership in serving the ailing society and the humanity at large.

She has also spearheaded various humanity service programmes such as the free Chitta Vajra Programme for Kids, which was designed to instill moral education into young children so that they may grow up to serve others and contribute back to society in a positive way. Other programmes include the Women's Life Force in Action (WLFiA) programme that helps and support women within the community to stand up for themselves against abuse of any kind and to empower them with the necessary knowledge and skills to build a life on their own. She also founded the PawPrints Natural Rescue movement that rescues strays inflicted with diseases to treat them based on the principles of alternative medicines such as acupuncture, medicinal herbalism, homoeopathy etc.

Master also launched the Golden Age Programme (GAP) to create a more inclusive environment for the elderly population and the Hope, Empathy & Light (HELP) initiative to reach out to talk to individuals in need of an ear.

An active proponent of holistic education, she also spearheaded the Bridging Education Excellence (BEE) project, which provides free educational lectures, workshops, seminars and programmes from time-to-time for participants to create more opportunities for themselves in this world. Working in line with this goal, Master also heads the Youth Empowerment Strategy (YES) initiative to engage youths to participate in various activities to channel their time for more productive purposes.

Master strong believes in the value of conserving Mother Nature. She kickstarted the Sustainable Earth Rehabilitation Voluntary Effort (SERVE) project to increase the awareness on environmental preservation methods. The project empowers individuals with ideas and show them the various ways how one can make a difference to create a sustainable lifestyle to protect Mother Nature.

From a tender age, Master has always stood strongly for justice. She always believed that "Truth will always prevail" and had never therefore never hesitated to stand up against any form of injustice. All these years, Master had always been a strong voice of the unheard and defenseless regardless of their background; whether mankind, plants or animals.

In Master's own words: "As much as God is a passive observer of all the events in life and the Divinity within is unmoved by external circumstances, one must still nonetheless be compelled to uphold Dharma (righteousness) at all times. Those who read Law would understand that one who is able to influence an outcome but has chosen not to do so can be held liable for 'omission'. Therefore, uphold Sathyam (Truth) and Dharma (righteousness) to the best of your capability. It will be your best gift for humanity."

Master Geneviève Tan Shu Thung: Meet the Team
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