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Fanny Cheng (HK)

Faculty of Yoga

SM Diploma in Yoga Student

SM Yoga Instructor-in-Training

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Fanny Cheng, from Hong Kong, is a senior Yoga instructor and therapist at the Happiness Yoga Ayurveda (HK). She has undergone many hours of intensive training around the globe and is a certified Yoga therapist. She has been practising Yoga for 12 years and has been a Yoga instructor for 5 years.

It was fate that brought Fanny to Yoga. She claims that she suffered from pains while she worked in a sedentary profession. Always working in front of a computer caused her to suffer from frozen shoulders and sciatica. Wearing high heels also caused her to develop pain in her lower back and big toe. Her agony did not end there. She was also involved in a car accident that spread the pain throughout her entire body.

Fanny claimed that she suffered a lot until she got acquainted with Yoga. After she started her journey into Yoga, she started loving it. She claimed that the pains in her body have vanished. The transformation was what prompted her to decide to become a professional to help the people around her with the knowledge she has acquired.

She is currently our student taking up the Diploma in Yoga Teaching course and an instructor at the Happiness Yoga Ayurveda centre in Hong Kong.

Her articles on Yoga and fitness are also featured on our Magazine: Holistic Living Annex

Fanny Cheng (HK): TeamMember
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