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Erwin Torres (PHILIPPINES)

ND, Ph.D

Faculty of Natural Health Sciences

Hon. Patron

Patron - Erwin Torres.jpg

Erwin Torres is a Naturopath and international speaker. Torres has his own health radio show "Basta Natural", the longest radio show on natural health in the Philippines, with the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines.

Torres is also the radio anchor for the "Payo ni Doc" show that is aired in Singapore and Indonesia. He is also a TV Host for the Net 25 show by EBC.

Torres is also a Global Wellness Ambassador of the Philippines and a licensed acupuncturist. registered with PITAHC (the department of health in the Philippines).

He has been a fellow member since 2009 of the International Alternative Medical Association. Torres is also affiliated with the Philippines College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM) since 2007. He is also a senior consultant and researcher for Bio Organic Plus Ltd. in Hong Kong. Torres was also a consultant for the Training Module Development for Massage Therapy and Phil. Hilot from February 2006 to June 2007 for TESDA (the Healthcare Industry Training Council).

Erwin Torres: TeamMember
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