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Diploma in Yoga Teaching

QAN 600/3922/X

We are the first and only Academy in Asia to offer a UK Accredited Diploma in Yoga Teaching.

Adhering to a comprehensive syllabus as established by the UK, our Diploma in Yoga Teaching enables learners to gain the necessary theoretical and practical skills in order to prepare themselves to become certified skilled Yoga instructors.

In our institution, we do not only produce Yoga instructors who demonstrate the flexibility to perform complicated Asanas (postures) but we also place a very high importance for all of our Yoga graduates to be thoroughly educated in the Science and Philosophy of Yoga, and of course, Anatomy & Physiology.

Just as what the World Health Organisation has declared about the therapeutic benefits of Yoga practice, we at Sandhya Maarga fully embrace the potential of Yoga of being not only instrumental in the advancement of spirituality but also as an effective means of healing and maintaining wellness.

The Sandhya Maarga Yoga system has also been featured on international media such as the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, Global News Network and Malaysia's NTV7's famous breakfast show "Good Morning Tai Tai" every week.

Our dedication in the field of natural health does not merely stop at teaching Yoga courses. The Academy also actively organises & participates in international health conferences to allow opportunities for our students to maintain Continuous Professional Development in the field that they have chosen to delve into.

Not only will our graduates be exposed to the different approaches of maintaining health holistically, they may also be given the opportunity to manage a Sandhya Maarga Yoga studio in the future (subject to terms & conditions).

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Diploma in Yoga Teaching: Classes
Yoga Class

Course Information

Diploma in Yoga Teaching (ITEC, UK)

Programme Structure

Health, Safety and Welfare:

  • Emergency procedures

  • Health & Safety requirements

  • Risk control

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health:

  • The effects of exercise on body systems.

  • The components of fitness.

  • Principles and variables of fitness to an exercise programme.

  • Exercise contraindications.

  • Key safety guidelines for special populations.

  • Monitoring exercise intensity.

  • Health benefits of physical activity.

Supporting Clients in Exercise and Physical Activity:

  • Effective working relationships.

  • Addressing barriers to physical activity.

  • Supporting clients.

  • On-going customer service.

Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Circulatory System.

  • Musculoskeletal System.

  • Postural and Core Stability.

  • Nervous System and its relation to exercise.

  • Endocrine System and its relation to exercise.

  • Energy Systems and its relation to exercise.

Programming Yoga Teaching Session:

  • Instructing a Yoga Session.

  • Understanding the importance of long-term

  • behaviour change for Yoga teaching.

  • Understanding the principles of collecting information to plan a Yoga session.

  • Effective communication.

  • Fundamentals of Yoga Teaching sessions.

  • Adapt, Evaluate and Reviewing a Yoga session.

Delivering Yoga Teaching session:

  • Science of instructing.

  • Adapt Asanas/practices to meet student needs during a Yoga session.

  • Effective methods of voice projection and music choice.

  • Understanding the health & safety principles to be applied in the studio.

Other areas covered:

  • Sandhya Maarga Asanas

  • Sandhya Maarga Yoga System

  • Training in in real SM Studio setting

  • Sanskrit

  • Philosophy of Ancient Scriptures

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama

Diploma in Yoga Teaching: About Us

Career Prospects

  • Sandhya Maarga Yoga Instructor / SM Yoga Studio Manager.

  • Employment in Health Clubs, Fitness Centres, Health Farms, Spas and Cruiseships.

  • Freelance Yoga Instructor.

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Diploma in Yoga Teaching: About

Chan Sook Ching, DipYoga

SM Yoga Instructor

Paediatric Clinic Assistant

"Actually, taking the Diploma in Yoga Teaching course was an entirely new experience for me and it was not something that I had imagined before. I thought it was going to be something like going back to school; the tables, listening to the teacher talk, talk, talk and all. But it wasn't! Classes for me were fun and the journey for me has been nothing short but exciting. Before every class, there has always been this sense of anticipation, not knowing what new things Master was going to teach for that day that will broaden my mind in many different aspects.

The education with Sandhya Maarga (SM) does not only teach facts and the practical aspects of Yoga but has also helped me develop my character. At SM, students are encouraged to express themselves and participate in group discussions. I have always been more of a quiet person. I was brought up in such a way that if we do not know something, we should just keep quiet. The system of education with SMHLA however is different from the rest. I have become more open and comfortable in contributing in discussions. I now dare to make mistakes and learn from them. I have become more vocal and confident in everything I do.

With the knowledge I have gained from the Diploma course, not only did it help improve my health and flexibility, I also learned how to teach the things I have learnt to my family."

Diploma in Yoga Teaching: Quote
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