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Darul Aqsha (INDONESIA)


Lang., Ed. & Comm. Faculty

Hon. Advisor

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Darul Aqsha was an editorial researcher with one of Brunei Darussalam's national paper - The Brunei Times. From Indonesia, Darul used to report for Semesta, a monthly news magazine, and was an editorial researcher for The Jakarta Post (from 1983-2007).

He was also the correspondent for the Surabaya-based newspaper of Jawa Pos from 1982-1983.

He was also the editor for the Indonesian-Netherlands Cooperation in Islamic Studies/INIS Newsletter (a joint publication between Netherland's Leiden University and the Indonesia's Ministry of Religious Affairs). Also active in humanity service, Darul was the editor for the 'Media Perempuan', an internal magazine for the State Minister for Women Empowerment between 2006-2007.

Darul Aqsha is also an author. His works are as follow:

Putri Waha, an Indonesian translation from Arabic Egypt’s children stories (Bandung: Mizan, 1988), Islam in Indonesia: A Survey of Events and Developments from 1988 to March 1983 (Jakarta-Leiden: INIS, 1995), and Kiai Haji Mas Mansur (1986-1946): Perjuangan dan Pemikiran (Jakarta: Erlangga, 2005).

Darul Aqsha (INDONESIA): TeamMember
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