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School Children

Creatively Fun & Educational

Creative Younglings

"Creativity"should not be underestimated as it is important for the growth of any individual. When developed properly from a tender age, it helps build cognitive skills; mathematical and scientific thinking. Creative thinking employs the imagination will help a child improve his/her communication skills, develop their problem-solving capabilities and tap their inner potential to use symbols and pictures that can aid their studies.

Why enrol your child for this course?
We understand how important the mind is and are specialised in employing holistic methods to help an individual release their inner potential. The keyword in our Programme is "GROWTH".

Our course has been carefully designed and structured in such a way that it is both educational and fun at the same time to help the child maintain balance in body, mind and spirit.

There are plenty of exercises in our Programme that involve artistic skills, physical exercises that can boost their memory capacity and concentration level at school, and many more. From simple handicrafts to healthy food preparation, be prepared to be amazed by what your child will learn in the duration of the Programme.

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Arts & Crafts

Discover, explore and enjoy the fun activities including origami, pottery, balloon-making, photography, balloon-modeling, 3D-structure modeling, puppet-making etc.

Family Cooking

Cooking Sessions

Unleash the little chef in your kid with our kids cooking session that encourages hands-on participation in food preparation.

Playing in Nursery

Story Telling & Puzzle Solving

Expand your kid's imagination as they learn how to create stories to be shared in front of their peers. Kids are also given challenging puzzles from time-to-time to train their problem-solving skills.

Chemistry Students

Science Projects

Learn more Science during our Programme than what your child is taught at school. Regardless of your child's age, s/he is sure to enjoy your Science modules as they participate in hands-on Science experiments that will not only be fun, but educational as well!

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