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Giving a Presentation

Trinity College London

Communication Skills

Available for both children above age 7 and adults.

This course is particularly ideal for working adults who would like to learn the art of conducting project/idea presentations, group discussions, group analysis/evaluation, learn conflict resolution skills, summary and feedback skills etc.

The English Language is a universal language. Ideas are communicated using the English Language today. It is important to communicate effectively to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings, especially so in business situations. While negotiating business matters, one must be able to effectively express one's intention and ideas to the client.

Such skills are not only limited to working individuals but are also applicable to students as they require good communication skills to work effectively with their peers. Students should be constantly encouraged to participate in group discussions and become confident in vocalising their ideas. This will shape them into confident individuals at an early age who will find it easier to mingle with other professionals in their fields later on in their life.

This course gives you useful language and phrases to improve your spoken communication skills in English in different business situations. You will have plenty of opportunity to practise and test your understanding of the language.

With this course, you will learn how to communicate English in a formal manner, learn relevant etiquette practices that will help you impress your client and seal that deal, and learn about the common (often unnoticeable) mistakes that people make while communicating in English.

To enrol for or enquire about this course, contact us here.

Communication Skills: Classes
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