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Chitta Vajra Programme

Character Building Class for Children

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Chitta Vajra Programme: Classes
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Chitta Vajra Programme for Children

Changing the World, One Child At A Time

Children are the pillars of society. When children are taught the proper values, they will eventually grow up to be good leaders. Only with the leadership of people with good values will the world live in harmony and peace.

The Sandhya Maarga Chitta Vajra Programme for children was launched by Master Genevieve Tan in order to help children cultivate good values and principles. They are also taught lessons the importance of self-empowerment, developing compassion for others and rational thinking. The values imparted to the children help them to blossom into thinkers who cultivate unconditional love for other beings.

The education that the children receive from this Programme is unlike elsewhere for they are encouraged to develop their analytical mind and cultivate positive-thought patterns. Good character is reinforced with creative teamwork and projects.

Chitta Vajra (CV) - The Sanskrit name verily suggests the objective of the Programme. "Chitta" refers to the mind or consciousness while "Vajra" denotes diamond or thunderbolt. Under the Chitta Vajra Programme, the children's mind are deemed as precious as 'diamonds'. They are guided so that their minds shine like diamonds and their enthusiasm grow to be as strong as a thunderbolt in dreaming noble dreams that will contribute to a more harmonious world.

Programme Objectives

  • To develop compassion for other beings so that they serve others from their hearts.

  • To encourage self-awareness, confidence and mind mastery.

  • To inculcate positive-thought patterns that will instill self-empowerment and independent thinking.

  • To instill discipline in every area of life.

  • To guide children down the path of discipline, truth and righteousness.

Registration for the Course

The Chitta Vajra programme is a free weekly class. Contact the Office (via the online form, e-mail or telephone) to register your child.

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