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Chan Sook Ching

DipYoga, CertNutri, DipAro, DSM

SM Yoga Instructor

Sandhya Maarga Yoga practitioners would have come across one of our regular instructors, Chan Sook Ching (also simply lovingly known as “Chan”).

Chan, with years of experience in the healthcare field, is an internationally certified Yoga instructor who graduated from the Sandhya Maarga UK Diploma in Yoga Teaching programme. Besides Yoga, she is also a strong believer in natural health and wellness. Chan’s insatiable thirst in this field has led her to pursue her education with other relevant UK qualifications:

1)            Diploma in Aromatherapy

2)            Diploma in Sports Massage

3)            Certificate in Diet & Nutrition

She is most loved by all for her genial manner, humour, helpful nature and her strong commitment to ensure that Yoga students perform their best in her classes. Despite her age, Chan is young at heart. Her willingness to explore new things and exceed her limits makes her a perfect candidate to be part of our Sandhya Maarga team of Yoga instructors. Her jovial, compassionate and mother-like nature makes her approachable.

Chan is living proof that there are no barriers in Yoga practice. Where there is a will, there is surely a way. Her commitment in this path clearly shows that anything is possible and that age is but just a number.

Here is what Chan had to say about her experience taking up our Sandhya Maarga UK Diploma in Yoga Teaching programme:

"Actually, taking the Diploma in Yoga Teaching course was an entirely new experience for me and it was not something that I had imagined before. I thought it was going to be something like going back to school; the tables, listening to the teacher talk, talk, talk and all. But it wasn't! Classes for me were fun and the journey for me has been nothing short but exciting. Before every class, there has always been this sense of anticipation, not knowing what new things Master was going to teach for that day that will broaden my mind in many different aspects.

The education with Sandhya Maarga (SM) does not only teach facts and the practical aspects of Yoga but has also helped me develop my character. At SM, students are encouraged to express themselves and participate in group discussions. I have always been more of a quiet person. I was brought up in such a way that if we do not know something, we should just keep quiet. The system of education with SMHLA however is different from the rest. I have become more open and comfortable in contributing in discussions. I now dare to make mistakes and learn from them. I have become more vocal and confident in everything I do.

With the knowledge I have gained from the Diploma course, not only did it help improve my health and flexibility, I also learned how to teach the things I have learnt to my family."

Chan Sook Ching: TeamMember
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