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Certificate in Diet & Nutrition

QAN 100/2445/1

What you eat is what you are. Know the Science behind nutrition and dietary analysis that impacts your health and your loved ones'. Learn which food items are suitable for certain body types and why. Plenty of research projects are surfacing every now and then about the benefits and dangers of a particular food item. The findings of different studies may contradict each other. Learn the truth and bust the myths with this course!

Learning Approach

Students will learn Anatomy & Physiology in relation to the Diet & Nutrition field. One will also be taught effective consultation skills. Throughout the course, students will discover both the theoretical and practical aspects of becoming the best dietitian & nutritionist they can be.

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Certificate in Diet & Nutrition: Classes
Diet Salad
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Family Cooking
Yoga Class

Course Information

Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITEC, UK)

Programme Structure

Anatomy & Physiology

The Digestive System

Common Digestive Problems & Ailments

Function of Water

Calories and Kilojoules

Role of Nutrients and Food Pyramid


Effects of Environmental Pollution

Gluten Diet

Understanding Deficiencies

Vegetarian Diet and Dietary Requirements

Special Dietary Needs

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Other Areas/Skills Covered

Effective consultation skills from professionals.

Comparative studies of contradicting views & research in relation to the Diet & Nutrition field.

Certificate in Diet & Nutrition: About Us

Career Prospects

  • Dietitian

  • Nutritionist

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Nutrition Instructor

  • Natural Wellness Coach

  • Beauty/Slimming Consultant

Certificate in Diet & Nutrition: About

Read What Some of Our Students Think About the Course...

Certificate in Diet & Nutrition: Meet the Team
Testimonial - Wong CW.jpg

Wong Chee Wei

SMHLA Graduate of Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (ITEC, UK)
AmWay Independent Distributor

"I am grateful that I have chosen to study the Diploma in Diet & Nutrition course with SMHLA because I have learnt so much... (The lecturers) were very helpful and have taught me what I have always wanted to learn."


Neoh Kim Seong

SMHLA Graduate of Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (ITEC, UK)

Pro Argi-9 Independent Distributor

"I love this course because it covers a wide range of knowledge about Anatomy & Physiology, essential oils and holistic healing. Feeling great!"

TEMP - Yusa Yap.png

Yap Siou Yu

SMHLA Graduate of Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (ITEC, UK)

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn with Sandhya Maarga. I am very glad that I went ahead with teh course and although I found Anatomy & Physiology to be a very dull, dry and boring topic for me, I still enjoy the course especially when I get to learn about the essential oils and their use. I hope to learn all that are necessary to be able to use my knowledge to assist others when needed in the future."

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