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ATCL/LTCL/FTCL Teaching/Performing Diploma in Speech & Drama

Trinity College London

This ATCL/LTCL/FTCL Diploma in Teaching/Performing Speech & Drama from Trinity College London is a prestigious qualification to obtain for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the Performing Arts.

Learners will have the opportunity to develop their creativity in both performing and also teaching Performing Arts. The course will enable students to explore the different teaching methodologies and techniques that will make Performing Arts classes fun and educational.

The Trinity Drama and Speech Diplomas Syllabus offers a wide range of diplomas in Performance, Teaching, and Applied Drama for advanced candidates. The following subject options are available:

  • Speech and Drama

  • Musical Theatre

  • Theatre Arts

  • Communication Skills

  • Applied Drama

Additional regulatory information is contained in the Drama Diploma specification supplement.

Candidates are offered a wide range of choice within these syllabuses and performance selections may be drawn from an international range of literature. In researched written units of diplomas as well as in written examination papers candidates are encouraged to explore material relevant to their own country and professional situation.

There are three levels of Diploma:

  • Associate (ATCL)

  • Licentiate (LTCL)

  • Fellowship (FTCL)

All ATCL and LTCL Diplomas may be awarded either as Pass or Distinction. The FTCL Diploma does not have a distinction band.

Associate Performance Diplomas are a one-unit qualification assessed by performance only. Associate Teaching Diplomas require three units.

At Licentiate level, both Teaching and Performing options at Licentiate level require three units. LTCL Teaching diplomas in Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, and Communication Skills are recognised by Ofqual/CEA/ACCAC in United Kingdom as teaching qualifications.

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Course Information

Certificate in Education & Training (ITEC, UK)

Programme Structure

Each Diploma is different. Please refer to the office for more information.


Unit 1:

​Examination Paper

Unit 2:

​Written Assignment

Unit 3 (External Examiner from the UK):

​Class Observation

Viva Voce


Career Prospects

  • Performer

  • Drama Teacher

  • Stage Theatre Director

  • Scriptwriter

  • Motivational Coach

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