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Our Diploma in Yoga Teaching course is finally here! Our Academy is the FIRST and ONLY Academy in Malaysia to offer a UK Accredited Diploma in Yoga Teaching course. Adhering to a comprehensive syllabus as established by the UK, our Diploma in Yoga Teaching enables learners to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to plan and instruct Yoga.

In our institution, we produce Yoga teachers who do not only demonstrate flexibility and are able to carry out complicated Asanas (postures). We place very high importance for all of our Yoga graduates to be thoroughly educated in the Science of Yoga and Anatomy. This is what makes our Academy unique. Just as what the World Health Organisation has declared, we at Sandhya Maarga fully embrace the potential of Yoga as a form of therapy. The therapeutic benefits of Yoga practice are becoming more recognised around the globe, especially since the past few years.

Hence, our Academy offers a Diploma in Yoga Teaching to acquaint students with the industries of Yoga, Sports & Fitness as a whole and holistic wellness.

Students will be taught Anatomy and Physiology, the history and philosophy of Yoga, meditation and its Science, Pranayama, Traditional Asanas & Sandhya Maarga Asanas, Class Structuring, Sandhya Maarga Yoga Syllabus, Specialised Yoga for Children, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for the Elderly and Yoga for other ailments and conditions.

These Yogasanas are taught systematically so that each student reaps their full benefits. Furthermore, instructors at Sandhya Maarga aim to educate their students on the basics of Yoga and raise their awareness on such practices. Sandhya Maarga students (for most of the Yoga courses at SMHLA) will therefore find instructors explaining the benefits of each Asana so that the students do not only follow their instructors' directions, but are also aware how each Asana helps them achieve their goal. During our Diploma in Yoga Teaching classes, emphasis is placed on safety and precautions as well as training the student to develop the ability to modify and adapt postures to ensure the benefits received by each student in a class is maximised.

Sandhya Maarga Yoga has been featured on international media such as Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, Global News Network and Malaysia's NTV7's famous breakfast show "Good Morning Tai Tai" every week.

Our dedication in the field of natural health does not merely stop at teaching Yoga courses. The Academy also actively organises & participates in international health conferences to further enhance the syllabus that we teach our students.

Not only will our graduates be exposed to the different approaches of maintaining health holistically, they will also be given the opportunity to manage a Sandhya Maarga Yoga studio in the future (subject to terms & conditions).

Course Duration: Theory, Practical & Field Training (ONE Year)
Qualification: Diploma in Yoga Teaching (ITEC) + Diploma in Sandhya Maarga Yoga
Language: English
Career Prospects: Highlight: Sandhya Maarga Yoga Instructor / SM Yoga Studio Manager. Employment in Health Clubs, Fitness Centres, Health Farms, Spas and Liners or to work freelance as a Yoga Teacher.

Highlights: Flexible class schedule & option to attend graduation ceremony held for graduates at the end of the course. Certificate & qualification is recognised in over 38 countries worldwide.

Course Structure:
  1. Principles of Exercise, Fitness & Health
  2. History and Philosophy of Yoga
  3. Introduction to the Sanskrit Language
  4. Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body
  5. Ayurveda, Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle
  6. Evaluating the position of Yoga in the Fitness & Wellness Industry
  7. Traditional Yoga & Modern Yoga: A Comparative Study
  8. The Role of Yoga in Integrative Medicine
  9. Law & Ethics Related to Yoga
  10. Introduction to Yoga as a Form of Therapy
  11. Conducting a Yoga Consultation & Therapy Session
  12. Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures)
  13. Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)
  14. Nidra (Yogic Relaxation)
  15. Dharana (Yogic Concentration)
  16. Dhyana (Yogic Meditation)
  17. Mantra & Kirtan (Yogic Sound)
  18. Sandhya Maarga Yoga syllabus
  19. Special Care: Yoga for Kids
  20. Special Care: Yoga for People with Special Needs
  21. Special Care: Yoga for Hypertensive Patients
  22. Special Care: Yoga for the Elderly
  23. Special Care: Prenatal Yoga
  24. Sandhya Maarga AcuYogaPressure
  25. Sandhya Maarga Abhangam Yoga
  26. Sandhya Maarga Ascension Yoga
  27. Sandhya Maarga CardiYogaRobics
  28. Sandhya Maarga Aqua Yoga
  29. Health, Safety and Precautions in a Yoga Studio
  30. Programming a Yoga Session
  31. Principles of Conducting a Sandhya Maarga Yoga Session
  32. The Fundamentals of Managing a Sandhya Maarga Yoga Studio or any other studios
  33. Yoga Client Care

Course Fee:
- Call in for more information. -

NOTE: Other Diploma courses that we offer - Certificate in Diet & Nutrition & Diploma in Aromatherapy Certificate in Education & Training. Students can opt to attend their graduation ceremony organised by the Academy at the end of their Certificate/Diploma course.

To enrol/enquire for any of our Natural Healing Courses, please call: 
+6(018)-205 1255 (MALAYSIA)
Group enrolment for organisations or companies available.

Qualifications & certificates obtained from ITEC are recognised in over 41 countries:

For the first time in Malaysia, you can now study a UK accredited Diploma in Yoga Teaching, recognised worldwide.
马来西亚首创- 您现在能获得英国认证 (国际认同) 的瑜加教学大专文凭。

Classes held in Malaysia: Kuchai Lama (KL), Klang & Penang.
马来西亚:吉隆坡, 巴生,槟城 - 均有开课。

Class scheduled to cater for working individuals.

Get trained by highly experienced instructors in the field.

With this 1-year Diploma programme, embark on a journey towards becoming a certified Yoga instructor. 
您能以这个一年的文凭课程, 成为一个有认证的瑜加教练。

You may also have an opportunity to manage one of our Yoga studios in the future.

Feel free to send us your enquiries here, via PM, WhatsApp or e-mail, and our administrators will respond as soon as possible.

For more information about the courses, please visit http://www.sandhyamaargainstitute.org Contact us for more information at 018-205 1255 / 011-1622 7321.
如想知道更多详情, 请游览我们的网站或者联络我们的专线。

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