Introduction to Energy Healing

Pets falling sick often and vet bills too much for your pockets? Learn how you can boost their immune system to overcome ailments at home. From strengthening their digestive system to eliminating ticks, learn them all.

Course Duration: 6 Hours
Qualification: SMHLA Certificate of Completion for Elementary Introduction to Energy Healing
Language: English
Highlights: Practical Exercises for Energy Healing

Course Structure:
  1. Introduction to the subtle anatomy of Man.
  2. The relationship between the chakras and health.
  3. How Healing Takes Place Within the Body; Subtle & the Physical.
  4. The Role of the Mind in the Healing Arts.
  5. Introduction of the Placebo Effect.
  6. Vibrations and Frequencies.
  7. Introduction to the Different Modalities of Energy Healing.
  8. Malcolm Rae, Radionics and Vibrational Healing.
  9. Physical Exercises (Yoga/QiGong/TaiChi) and their Role in Modulating the Subtle Energy Within the Body.
  10. Vibrations in Food.

***Distance Learning Course Available. Please e-mail:

Course Fee:
USD$200 / MYR 600

To enrol for any of our Natural Healing Courses, please call: 
+6(018)-205 1255 (MALAYSIA)
Group enrolment for organisations or companies available.

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