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Faris Rashid Salim AlHajri, Ph.D (A.M.), B.Qs (Hons), is an expert and international speaker on the topic of 'hot water therapy' (otherwise also known as Hydro-Thermal Therapy or Aqua Qalidum Therapy).

Initially working as a qualified quantity surveyor with a hectic work schedule, Faris found himself afflicted with various types of illnesses such as asthma, lumbago and rhinitis. Aspiring to find a solution for ill health, he discovered the miracles of using hot water therapies on the body.

The speaker, who is also a father of two, ensured that his family too are active in reaping the benefits of using hot water therapies. He claims that this scientific discovery has led him and his family to become complete asymptomatic and that for the last six years, he and his family members did not take any other medication. The hot water therapy practitioner believes that water is the elixir of our life, and without it, no living being would ever survive.

Faris desires to promote healthy living and has thereby devoted his life completely to help spread the awareness of natural health and wellness. The expert has travelled extensively around the globe to conduct various workshops and seminars on this topic, and has also written two books titled "The Miracle & Wonders of Treatment from Hot Water" and "The Values of Well Being & Its Secrets for a Better Living - Theories". He intends to help every individual by helping them understand the importance of the miraculous benefits of hot water, and has therefore shared with Sandhya Maarga's online magazine 'Holistic Living Annex' readers some of his insightful articles in relation to these therapies.

More information about this author is available here: www.farisalhajri.com/

He is part of our panel of Honorary Patrons to advise us on matters related to Natural Health.

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