Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Our Diploma in Diet & Nutrition course is finally here. What you eat is what you are. Know the Science behind nutrition and dietary analysis that impacts your health and your loved ones'. Learn which food items are suitable for certain body types and why. Plenty of research projects are surfacing every now and then about the benefits and dangers of a particular food item. The findings of different studies may contradict each other. Learn the truth and bust the myths with this course!

Course Duration: 100 Hours + Practical/Field Training
Qualification: Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Language: English
Career Prospects: Dietician, Fitness Instructor, Natural Wellness Coach, Beauty/Slimming Consultant etc.
Highlights: Flexible class schedule & option to attend graduation ceremony held for graduates at the end of the course. Certificate & qualification is recognised in over 38 countries worldwide.

Course Structure:
  1. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract.
  2. The absorption process.
  3. The mechanical and chemical process of digestion in the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and the small & large intestines.
  4. The major intestinal regulatory substances.
  5. Colonic functions and waste products of digestion.
  6. Causes, signs and symptoms of common digestive tract disorders & ailments.
  7. Factors related to dietary requirements.
  8. The function of water in diets and its effects.
  9. Calories and kilojoules.
  10. The role of carbohydrate, fats/lipids, minerals, cholestrol, protein, fibre, and vitamins in diet.
  11. Antioxidants: Source & advantages for health
  12. Dietary and nutritional value of food: Food pyramid
  13. Appropriate storage of relevant food items.
  14. Understanding the system of food processing.
  15. Common anti-nutrients.
  16. Effects of environmental pollutants on the body.
  17. Problems associated with gluten diet.
  18. The importance of probiotics.
  19. Understanding common food allergies.
  20. Understanding G6PD deficiency diet.
  21. Vegetarian diet and its dietary requirements.
  22. Side effects of food additives on children.
  23. Understanding obesity.
  24. Diabetes: Hypoglycaemia & hyperglycaemia.
  25. Anaemia and deficiency in iron intake.
  26. Meal regularity.
  27. Common ailments related to nutritional imbalance.
  28. Healthy eating guidelines.

Course Fee:
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NOTE: Other Certificate & Diploma courses that we offer - Diploma in AromatherapyDiploma in Yoga Teaching & Certificate in Education & Training. Students can opt to attend their graduation ceremony organised by the Academy at the end of their Certificate/Diploma course.

To enrol/enquire for any of our Natural Healing Courses, please call: 
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Group enrolment for organisations or companies available.

Qualifications & certificates obtained from ITEC are recognised in over 41 countries:

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