Diploma in Aromatherapy

Our Diploma in Aromatherapy course is finally here! Plants have potent medicinal value and have been used since thousands of years by different ancient civilisations such as the Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and the Egyptians as a cure against illnesses. They have also discovered that plants are good cosmetic ingredients and the different scents can allow them to be made into perfumes.

Aromatherapy does not only deal with scents that will help you balance your body, mind and spirit. The use of essential oils is a major aspect of aromatherapy practice and because the oils are potent, their healing properties are also magnified. These oils may be used in many different ways to provide relieve to many physical and emotional discomfort. The medicinal use of essential oils is traced back to Rene-Maurice Gattefossé whereby he discovered that the burn on his hand could be treated effectively with Lavender oil. During World War I, Jean Valnet also used essential oils as antiseptics.

This course will not only teach you the healing properties of a wide range of plants and herbs, but also how each is processed, prepared and how they can be used safely. Students will benefit learning special techniques from the founder of our Academy, who is also the founder of the Pyranergetic Technique (a unique healing technique using essential oils to direct the flow of Qi/Praana) to promote and aid healing and well-being.

Course Duration: 100 Hours + Practical/Field Training
Qualification: Diploma in Aromatherapy
Language: English
Career Prospects: Professional Aromatherapist, Essential Oils Consultant, Aroma Business Owner etc.
Highlights: Flexible class schedule & option to attend graduation ceremony held for graduates at the end of the course. Certificate & qualification is recognised in over 38 countries worldwide.

Course Structure:
  1. Anatomy & physiology.
  2. An introduction to the the principles and philosophy of holistic healing - treating the person as a whole.
  3. Principles & philosophy of energy healing.
  4. An introduction to the history and development of aromatherapy.
  5. The principles and philosophy of healing in aromatherapy.
  6. An introduction to the production & extraction of essential oils.
  7. Understanding the jargons & medicinal properties of aromatherapy: analgesics, antiseptic etc.
  8. Attributes/characteristics of approximately 100 plants/herbs made into essential oils.
  9. Physiological & psychological effect of essential oils.
  10. Process of accurate selection of essential oil for each symptom/condition.
  11. Contraindications of essential oils.
  12. The use of carrier oils - selection, purity & effectiveness.
  13. Creating oil blends for each individual.
  14. Modes of treatment application: Massage, skin treatment, hair & scalp, nebulisers & vapourisers, steam inhalation, pulse points, perfumes, suppositories, pessaries, mouthwash & gargles.
  15. The interaction between essential oils and the body: Introduction to the structure of the skin, different skin types, absorption process, and physical & metabolic barriers of essential oils.
  16. Essential oils for the respiratory system: Olfactory pathway, absorption via respiratory interface & cerebrospinal fluid, absorption via olfaction, and relevant contraindications.
  17. Essential oils for children.
  18. Essential oils for the elderly.
  19. Essential oils for animals.
  20. Maintaining safety and hygiene.
  21. Liaising with Medical Doctors / General Practitioners of Medicine.
  22. Use, care and storage of essential oils: Labelling, diluting, storage, photoxocity etc.
  23. Ethics & Legislation governing aromatherapy in different countries.
  24. Professionalism: Therapist' appearance & behaviour.
  25. Aromatherapy Treatment: Preparation, equipment & tools.
  26. Consultation Skills: Consultation, communication skills, medical history, planning treatment programme, understanding body language etc. 
  27. Integrative Healing: Essential oils/Aromatherapy with other holistic modes of treatment.
  28. PRACTICAL SESSIONSDifferent techniques of using essential oils to conduct an aromatherapy session
    Sandhya Maarga Pyranergetic Technique™ that uses essential oils to direct the flow of Qi/Praana through the chakras to aid healing and promote a sense of well-being.
  29. Career placement for utilising the Diploma in Aromatherapy.
  30. Orientation & initiation into building an aromatherapy business. 
  31. Business management & client care.

Course Fee:
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NOTE: Other Certificate/Diploma courses that we offer - Certificate in Diet & NutritionDiploma in Yoga Teaching & Certificate in Education & Training. Students can opt to attend their graduation ceremony organised by the Academy at the end of their Certificate/Diploma course.

To enrol/enquire for any of our Natural Healing Courses, please call: 
+6(018)-205 1255 (MALAYSIA)
Group enrolment for organisations or companies available.

Qualifications & certificates obtained from ITEC are recognised in over 41 countries:

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