Teoh Hai Siang


Teoh Hai Siang, a Martial Arts Master born in 1956, started learning the different types of traditional martial arts and lion dance in 1970. He was active in ITF Taekw0ndo in 1986 to 2000. Teoh taught in schools and is a holder of the 4th Degree Black Belt. Between 1989 to 2004, he was also active in the Pukulan Melaka and Kenaikkan Otomatik (Spiritual Automatic Self-Awakening) groups. 

From 2004 until now, Teoh has been an examiner and tutor for the PukulanWushudoMelaka, and a Fengshui Consultant.

He is part of our panel of Honorary Advisors to advise us on matters related to how the movement of Qi can impact one's health.

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