Speech Communication Arts (TCL)

Skilful listening and confident speaking are keys to achievement in many aspects of education, as well as in our work and personal life.

As children, we gradually develop the ability to talk, learn, share and communicate. Future success at school, in business, in artistic and intellectual pursuits and in relationships will depend on these skills.

In a world of change, the art of speech communication is too crucial to be left to chance.
Trinity Speech Communication Arts (SCA) qualifications are designed to encourage the development of spoken and written English for candidates aged between 5 and 14.

SCA qualifications are available at six levels, progressively developing confidence and systematically developing the skills needed for achievement in professional and social spheres.

From the outset, students gain the ability to share ideas, knowledge and understanding and, as they progress through the levels, to negotiate, ask questions, exchange views, make presentations and learn to listen to one another effectively.

Recommended for: 
Children aged between 5 and 14.

To enrol for or enquire about this course, call +6(018)-205 1255.

This course is following the Trinity College London syllabus

The SCA syllabus offers a unique focus for developing the art of spoken communication and encourages good practice in learning and teaching.

At each level, students are required to undertake a number of tasks to demonstrate skills in the following areas:

Interpersonal skills: to develop their capacity to relate to others appropriately, with ease, confidence and awareness.
Expressive speaking: to develop their capacity to interpret expressively and project imaginatively.
Practical speaking: to develop their applied skills in speech communication arts.
Personal copy and Study Journal preparation: to develop their capacity to explore, record, reflect and explore upon the context of the work they have done in preparation for performance.
Students are assessed in groups of four to six students. The conduct of the assessment session varies at each SCA level, requiring students to take progressively more responsibility and initiative within the group.

As there are no prescribed performance pieces or writers, teachers are offered the maximum opportunity to explore works that are appropriate to the culture, location and interests of students.

Tasks are assessed to have been ‘Achieved’ or ‘Achieved with Distinction’. Each candidate receives a written examiner report giving feedback and, where appropriate, constructive criticism.

All successful candidates receive an individual certificate.

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