Natural Diet and Nutrition

What you eat is what you are. Know the science behind nutrition and dietary analysis that impacts your health and your loved ones'. Learn which food items are suitable for certain body types and why. Plenty of research projects are surfacing every now and then about the benefits and dangers of a particular food item. The findings of different studies may contradict each other. Learn the truth and bust the myths with this course!

Course Duration: 6 Hours
Qualification: SMHLA Certificate of Completion for Elementary Natural Diet and Nutrition
Language: English

Course Structure:
  1. Nutrition: Food for Health
  2. Nutrition Guidelines
  3. Physiology Basics
  4. Carbohydrates & Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases.
  5. Alcohol
  6. Lipids & Proteins
  7. Natural Health Products
  8. Nutrition & Physical Activity
  9. Weight Management with Correct Diet
  10. Water Soluble Vitamins
  11. Fat Soluble Vitamins
  12. Water & Electrolytes
  13. Major Minerals & Bone Health
  14. Minor Minerals
  15. Importance of Detoxification
  16. Maintaining Healthy pH Levels for Health
  17. Integrating Nutrient Functions
***Distance Learning Course Available. Please e-mail:

Course Fee:
USD$200 / MYR 600

To enrol for any of our Natural Healing Courses, please call: 
+6(018)-205 1255 (MALAYSIA)
Group enrolment for organisations or companies available.

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