Our Honorary Patrons and Advisors

Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy has a team of serious individuals who would like to bring about changes in the world today. Our panel of patrons and advisors works closely together to share ideas and their knowledge to educate individuals on the specific topics that they are specialised in and to inspire them to greater heights.

Our Founder
Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung Spiritual Master of the Sandhya Maarga Mission, Founder of the Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy and the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system, Honorary Advisor for the World yoga Foundation, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Holistic Living Annex & HoLiNex TV

Honorary Patrons (International)
Chen Han Qi (CHINA) Former Deputy Chief Physician of China's largest TCM hospital in China
Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal (INDIA) Chancellor for Pragyan International University, Lifestyle Management Consultant for Harvard Medical School, International Speaker & Author.
Dr. Erwin Torres (PHILIPPINES) Consultant for Asia Prime Center for Colonics Therapy, International Speaker & Radio Anchor
Mary Ann Tear (UK)  Consultant in Drama and Performance for South East Asia & Senior Examiner and Trainer for Trinity College London
Michael Law Ming Wai (HONG KONG) Veteran Actor, Former TVB & ATV Programme Host, Emcee & Singer
Anders Nelsson (HONG KONG) Head of the Nelsson Group of Companies, Former Managing Director of BMG, Veteran Actor, Singer & Radio DJ
Sanni Inuwa Baba (NIGERIA) President of Arewa Youth Empowerment & Enlightenment Initiative (AYEEI)
Noreen Huni (S. AFRICA) CEO for Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI), National Health Education Officer in Zimbabwe, and Midwife and General Nurse at Harare Central Hospital.

Honorary Advisors (International)
Dr. Prabhu Kumar Raju (INDIA) Hospital Advisor, ENT Specialist, Bioenergy Analyst
Wu Ming Wan (TAIWAN) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician, Former General Medicine Clinical Lecturer of TCM Institute Malaysia
Dr. Faris AlHajri (OMAN) Former Director of Administrative Affairs for Oman's Ministry of Housing, Health Researcher, Speaker & Author
Dada Shiveshananda (PHILIPPINES) Meditation, Yoga & Taichi Instructor, International Speaker
Maurice Thurman (UNITED KINGDOM) Founder of the Series 1,2,3 Website, Book Author & School Teacher
Darul Aqsha (INDONESIA) Editorial Researcher for The Brunei Times & Author
Akmal Syamsuddin (INDONESIA) Editor for The Brunei Times newspaper & Former Managing Editor for Jakarta Post
Susan Yan (HONG KONG) Experienced Performer / Singer

Honorary Patrons (Malaysia)
Jonathan Quek (MALAYSIA) International Speaker, Financial Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur

Honorary Advisors (Malaysia)
Wai Khai Juinn (MALAYSIA) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician, Suntech Traditional Healthcare
Sudha Kanisan (MALAYSIA) Nurse Manager with Penang Adventist Hospital
Silambarasu Karuppiah (MALAYSIA) Senior Hospital Pharmacist
Teoh Hai Siang (MALAYSIA) Martial Arts Master

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