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What is Yoga?
Yoga is the way of life. It is not just a series of Asanas (postures) that one practices that makes one a Yogi. True Yoga includes regulation of one's lifestyle so that one experiences balance in body, mind and spirit.

What type of clothing should I wear to practice Yoga?
Loose and comfortable clothing is usually ideal. We usually advice our practitioners to wear completely white as well if possible because the colour white helps regulate the flow of 'qi' or praana during practice. We also advice against wearing short pants as most classes will be of mixed genders though males and females are separated.

Can I wear tight gym outfit for Yoga practice?
It is best to avoid tight clothing as it can block the flow of 'qi'.

How long do I need to learn before I can master Yoga?
There is no definite time-frame. Yoga can be a lifelong practice. Remember again, Yoga is not only confined to the series of Asanas (postures) one practices, but also the overall lifestyle pattern. Just because one's body is flexible does not make him/her a Yogi(ni).

Is Yoga related to religion?
Yoga is in no way related to religion. Health is accessible by all and is of everyone's interest. To experience balance in one's life is the aim of each and every individual.

I am very old. Can I practice Yoga?
There is no such thing as 'too old for Yoga'. Anyone can practice Yoga. We have people over the age of 80 practicing Yoga too.

My child is too young. She is only 4. Can she practice Yoga?
As long as the child can comprehend instructions given to him/her, s/he is fit to practice Yoga. Our youngest student is only 2-years-old.

Why is the Yoga for Kids course different from the adult courses? Why can't the instructors just control and instruct the kids just like they do with the adults?
Children have a different span of attention than that of the adults. Children gets bored very easily. Hence, with the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system, the children's attention is captivated via the instructors' creative ideas in concocting a story / fairy tale that is relevant to the Asanas that they will be practicing. While they learn to perform the series of Asanas, they are also having fun at the same time. History has proven that this is the most effective method to teach the kids

I'm worried about my child. Can I watch my child during his/her Yoga lessons?
No. It is highly not recommended. According to past experiences, children are more likely to get distracted when they know that a parent is watching, and is very likely to misbehave. Just let your child mix with the other children and allow the Yoga class to take its own natural course.

Joining the Sandhya Maarga Yoga course, am I supposed to follow a strict vegetarian diet?
While we encourage everyone to consume a vegetarian diet, it is still your own freewill. Instructors do share some health and diet tips throughout the course for the participants to follow in order to benefit the maximum from the course that they have enrolled in.

I am interested in joining the SM Yoga for Weight Loss. How long will it take before I can shed some pounds?
There is no definite time-frame for this as well. It all depends on the individual. Many factors can affect weight loss. Our track record shows that students who regularly practice the Asanas taught to them and adhere to the diet and lifestyle regimen that instructors have taught the students at the end of each class will generally lose more weight than others.

How many pounds can I expect to shed if I practice Yoga?
It depends on your practice, diet and lifestyle.

I feel I am too thin and would like to gain weight. Can Yoga help me with that?
Yoga helps regulate the 'praana' or 'qi' to correct any imbalance in the subtle body that determines one's physical condition. Being overweight is caused by an imbalanced flow of 'praana' or 'qi'. Similarly, being underweight is also caused by the same. Correcting it can definitely help one normalise the flow to a healthy level. Practicing Yogasanas can also help build muscles and tone the body and skin.

What is the attendance like when I sign up for a course? Can I come for any available classes offered at the Centre?
No. Because the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system has been designed in a specific manner to achieve a specific therapeutic outcome, we would encourage our students to do their best to attend their classes as they have signed-up for.

What if I have an emergency and I have to miss classes? Can I have replacement classes?
That would depend on the type of course you have signed up for and the availability of space. Our general rule is that we DO NOT replace any classes you have missed on your own accord unless otherwise agreed/indicated by the instructors themselves. If you have signed-up for our popular courses (e.g. Yoga for General Health and Yoga for Weight Loss), we will repeat the same lesson in more classes over the week. So, if you have signed-up for a Thursday class and could not make it, you could request permission from the instructor to join in the Friday or Sunday session to replace your class (subject to availability of space).

Do we use any Yoga equipment such as the gym ball or chairs during our lessons?
No with the exception of Prenatal students who require aid. We try to minimise the use of additional tools and focus on being One with your body, mind and spirit. This is the reason why we do not install mirrors in our studios. It is more important to feel and experience than to be attached to visual appearances in the practice of Yoga.

What are the fees like for each course?
Students enroll by term. One term is equivalent to 12 weeks (or 12 lessons). Each lesson lasts around *50 minutes (or more). You can learn more about the fee structure by clicking here: Course Fees

Can I come in for a trial lesson?
Yes. Pay the "Walk In" price for that particular course.

I am not sure if I like the course, can I just pay for one month first, and if I like it, I shall pay the full payment?
No. All students who enroll in our courses must pay for the entire term (12 lessons). The reason is we believe strongly in the importance of maintaining discipline. Since the entire system has been designed in a specific way, which our students will benefit from to achieve a particular therapeutic purpose, it is only proper for the students to finish the entire term before they judge if they have benefited from the system.

Can we leave our Yoga mats at the Centre?
No. Students are expected to take their Yoga mats back home so that they can practice their Asanas. Yoga is not a once-a-week practice, but should be a daily practice.

I do not want to buy a Yoga mat. Do you all provide Yoga mats?
No. We do not provide mats due to hygiene reasons. We highly encourage you to buy a mat for your own personal use. Should you be interested in purchasing a mat, you could purchase it from the Centre (yes, we do sell Yoga mats) or elsewhere.

I cannot remember the Asanas taught during class. Any tips?
If you are new to Yoga, you are very unlikely to remember all the Asanas. Our advice is to take your time. The same Asana may be repeated several times during the entire duration of the course and you will soon get the hang of it and remember the sequence. What we usually encourage our new students to do is to just pick 1 or 2 Asanas that they love most for that day and go home and practice. Practicing 1 or 2 Asanas a day for the next one week is better than not practicing at all.

Can we have food before and after a Yoga lesson?
It is recommended that one does not have a heavy meal at least 2 hours before a Yoga session. If you are hungry, just have a slice of bread or two and some water to curb the hunger. As for after a Yoga lesson, wait for at least 30 minutes before having your meal.

Can I drink water before and after a Yoga lesson?
Too much water before a Yoga session can cause discomfort during the practice. There is however, no problem in drinking water after a Yoga session.

Can I bathe before and after a Yoga lesson?
A bath before a Yoga session is no problem. However, wait for at least 30 minutes before you take a bath after a Yoga session.

I am menstruating. Can I practice Yoga?
Absolutely. Yoga can help regulate the menstrual flow. However, do inform your instructor so that he/she can watch out for certain postures that may cause some discomfort to you.

Why is my medical history taken down upon registration?
This allows the instructors to study your medical condition to determine if you have signed up for the right course, and if you are fit to do certain Asanas. For example, hypertensive patients will find many Asanas not suitable for them to practice. Certain Asanas can elevate one's blood pressure and so, instructors who are aware of their medical condition can offer them a more suitable alternative that provides the same therapeutic benefit.

What is the Yoga for Hypertensive Patients all about?
This course is specifically designed for people suffering from hypertension (or high blood pressure). There are many Asanas that can be dangerous for them and so, this course will ensure that all the Asanas prescribed are safe for their practice.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to practice Yoga?
Yes, under proper guidance! Any student who is enrolled halfway in any of our Yoga courses is expected to inform the instructor of her condition. They are highly encouraged to enroll in our Prenatal Yoga Course instead. A switch of Course is possible. Just speak to your instructor.

Why is there a couple price for Prenatal Yoga?
There is a discount if a pregnant woman brings her husband along to class. We highly encourage prenatal bonding between husband and wife during our Yoga lessons as the husband will be able to help his wife perform certain Asanas.

What is Laughter Yoga and EFT? Are they compulsory lessons?
These are complimentary lessons for our students. They are offered every Saturday evening. You can find out more about Laughter Yoga here: Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) and EFT. And no, they are not compulsory. It is offered to help students release their emotional blockages to improve their quality of living.

I see "Meditation" in the course timetable as well. How much do we pay to attend the meditation session?
The meditation session is free. It is part of the Sandhya Maarga Mission.

Does the Centre organise any spiritual retreat or camps in any time of the year?
Yes. The Centre organises at least ONE retreat at a suitable location every year.

Are there any other privileges being enrolled as a Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy student?
The academy is very active in various activities such as motivational and natural medicine lectures/workshops. Our students usually benefit by being able to attend the lecture/workshop for FREE or at a 'Student Price'. From time-to-time, the academy invites international speakers to conduct a lecture or workshop at the Centre. Our students have also benefited from free eye-check ups and free full-body quantum diagnosis before by professionals in the past.

How many classes do we have per week?
For each course you enrol, it is ONE class per week. Some of our students enrol in more than one course. However, those who sign up for Personal Yoga classes may request for more than one session in one week (subject to the availaility of instructor).

Is Aqua Yoga (Pool Yoga) safe?
Yes, definitely! Practitioners will practice Yoga in the water around shoulder level (maximum).

Can my 12-year-old child join Aqua Yoga?
As of now, the answer is NO. We have yet to provide an Aqua Yoga course for kids. The kids course is likely to be introduced soon.

I have multiple health problems, can I join the SM CardiYogarobic course?
This course is highly-rigorous. We do not encourage people suffering from certain conditions to join this course. We are very conscious about the health condition of our students. Please arrange to meet with our instructor(s) and discuss about your condition. They will then determine if you are fit to join the course. In the event that we decline your request to join the course, please know that it is only in your best interest.

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