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Our German Course is now available via Distance Learning! Regardless where you are, you may study German with us. Our classes are conducted via 'online conferencing'.

Penang / Selangor / Wilayah Persekutuan / Johor / Pahang / Kelantan / Perak / Kedah / Negeri Sembilan / Terengganu / Malacca / Perlis / Sabah / Sarawak

Overseas students are also welcomed. Enquire today.


Learning another language is always an asset whether it is for educational or leisure purposes. For those who intend to further their studies overseas or to be employed in an internationally reputed organisation, knowing another language will definitely increase your chances of getting selected. 

Did you know that Germany charges no course fee, making further education there a very affordable choice? The condition is that the student must know the German Language.

We have trained exchange students to go to Germany, students who intend to take (and are now taking) their diploma/undergraduate/postgraduate degrees in Germany etc. Our students have also appeared in Germany's local media. The German Language is important for those who intend to study or work in Germany. 

Certification by TestDaf, the international standardised language test for German proficiency, can be arranged when the student is ready.

People learn the German language because:-
- They would like to travel to Germany.
- They love the German culture and language.
- They would like to study in Germany (Germany charges minimal to no course fee, making education there a very affordable choice).
-They would like to work in Germany.
- They simply want to learn another European language...

This course is an introduction to the German language. Students will learn to listen and speak, and read and write in German. By the end of this course, participants should be able to:
* Understand basic expressions
* Understand simple dialogues
* Read and write short simple dialogues and texts.

Recommended for: 
Anyone from all age groups who would like to learn another European language for conversational purposes, students who intend to study a course in Germany or any individual who are interested in seeking employment in Germany.

To enrol for or enquire about this course, call +6(018)-205 1255.


Our German Language student featured in a local German newspaper.

Our German Language Students' Experiences:

"It was definitely a whole new experience to learn a new language from online. 
With German, you can open new doors of opportunities, and too, build up self 
esteem and confidence. I've glad I've made the decision to learn German." - See Jia Le (Student in Germany)

“The classes helped me gain a strong interest in learning German and I really 
enjoyed them.” - Isaac Lau (Student at Universit√§t Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY)

"I'm very grateful to be able to learn with Ms. Tan. She is very patient and always tried her best to correct me even though I kept on repeating my mistakes. I went for 2 weeks one-on-one intensive course and managed to speak some German in such a short period of time. Learning the basics before I went to Germany was probably my best decision ever. Couldn't get a better German teacher for beginners who wants to learn German!" - Yap Wei Liam (Exchange student in Germany)

"I'm very grateful to have made my decision to learn German lessons at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy. Having the ability to acquire another language allowed me to expand my value in work and life. Now that I live in Austria, being able to communicate in their first language is very important and I'm glad I've built my base at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy. Thank you!" - Tiffany Tan (Austria)

"Although I may not be using German anytime soon, I have learned a lot about this 
valuable language. Classes were interactive and the teacher has helped me get 
through the course, improving my understanding of the language." - Joshua Lau (IRELAND)

"Learning new language is not easy but it is fun. I enjoy learning German here because we study in a small group,that make it easier for us to discuss and ask our teacher. Now I am able to read, write and communicate simple conversations in german with my sisters and friends and I love the feeling that I am now able to understand German." - Jessie Tan Guat Foong

"Learning German increases our job opportunities with Germany companies in Malaysia. It is a good thing since there are so many Germany corporations in this country. It is an additional skill that helps impress the employer and allow us to remain competitive over other applicants. Although the sentence structure in the German Language is different, so long we keep to the rules taught by the instructor, it is as easy as English. Perhaps the hardest part in learning the language is to identify the gender of the noun." - Yu Shiou Hui

"The German language class is interesting & good for beginners. I'm glad that I was able to learn this new language in a short time!" - Noel Tan

"Although I may not be using German anytime soon, I have learned a lot about this valuable language. Classes were interactive and the teacher has helped me get through the course, improving my understanding of the language." - Joshua Lau (Ireland)

"Hi, I'm Angeline! I have a great experience studying German online with Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy. Studying online allows me to be very comfortable in my own way in a familiar environment, which is even better than studying in a classroom. I am not ashamed to make mistakes because I do not need to care how people would stare at me whenever I make mistakes." - Angeline Ng (Online Deutsch Student)

"The German language class is interesting & good for beginners. I'm glad that I was able to learn this new language in a short time!" - Noel Tan

“German is a tough language but with practice and dedication, it's not that hard.” - Sarnesh Manickavasagam

“If you are interested in classical music, you should study in Germany . If you are looking for a car, buy German, if you are looking for high-end electronics like headphones and speakers, look for the sign "made in Germany ", if you want to improve productivity, learn from a German. If you are interested in festivals, check out Oktoberfest in Munich! So get started!! Learn german!!” - Sylar Sun (Online Deutsch Student)

"At first, I had difficulties choosing the right language to learn to broaden my language skills. I was not sure if German or French language would suit me better. However, after joining German classes with Sandhya Maarga Holistic Academy, I am pretty sure learning German was the best choice I have ever made. Now, I have mastered the language and would love to continue learning." - Lee Say Yien

"I always wanted to learn the German Language to further my studies in Germany. I have come across a few instructors and found that only Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy offered the best that suited my needs. I needed an instructor who can always engage closely with students and speaks German in class from beginning until the end of the session. Every time I attend classes, I feel so fulfilled. I would definitely love to continue doing it until I have successfully achieved my goal.” - Guan Chin Kuan

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