Basic Mandarin Course

Learning another language is always an asset whether it is for educational or leisure purposes. For those who intend to further their studies overseas or to be employed in an internationally reputed organiation, knowing another language will definitely increase your chances of getting selected.

Mandarin has become one of the major languages in the world and the influence of China's economic development has added to its global popularity. The programme is specially designed for students with little or no basic in Mandarin. Lessons are based on daily social conversation. Mandarin Basic (Level 1) encompasses spoken Mandarin and phonetics with an introduction to 'Han Yu Pin Yin' (ChineseTransliterated Text).

Learning Mandarin can also help you communicate with your fellow colleagues, friends and even clients. Enrol in the Basic Mandarin Chinese Course today to learn another useful language that could enhance your university application or CV.

This course is an introduction to the Chinese language. Students will learn to listen and speak (Level 1 and above), and read and write in Chinese (Level 2 and above). By the end of this course, participants should be able to:-

* Understand basic expressions
* Understand simple dialogues
* Read and write short simple dialogues and texts.

Recommended for: 
Anyone from all age groups who is interested in conversing in Mandarin, or anyone who would like to travel to China for leisure or business purposes.

To enrol for or enquire about this course, call +6(018)-205 1255.

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