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"I look forward to going to my Yoga classes as it is good for my body, mind and spirit. I found that I am now able to do the things that I did not think I could do before. Not only is Yoga a good exercise that promotes weight loss, it has made me more flexible too. This helped improve my self-image. The health tips in classes taught me how to maintain a healthy metabolism that will help break down the body fat and detox."

- Sia Pei Shan, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss) - Professional Model


"The environment is clean and tidy, which is important. I really enjoyed myself and felt always good spiritually and physically. The instructors are very lovely people."

- Stella Suter, SWITZERLAND (Yoga for General Health)


"I had a crash course in yoga at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Wellness Centre for weight loss as I was leaving the country. I have attended many yoga classes but this one was different. I was taught the postures step-by-step and this helped me do them with ease. I was advised to take it slowly and stretch only as much as I could. I felt greatly refreshed after each session. I had a problem with my left arm. Thanks to the instructors, after the sessions over one month, the flexibility in my arm has improved. My flabby tummy and my body is gradually trimming. The instructors at the Sandhya Maarga Holistic Wellness Centre are warm and very encouraging. It's a wonderful place and I would recommend their classes to anyone."

- Nalini Tharumalingam, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss - Personal Class)


"Guess what? My son who has not seen me in a month said I lost weight. Most of the time he will comment on how fat I am. Last night, after he arrived, he looked at me and said 'mom you lost weight!'. I am a biggest fan of food, lost weight. Thanks to your weight loss programme. Need to work harder now to lose more and be mo disciplined with food. Ha ha ha... Just needed to share this. Keep up the good work and God bless your humble mission. I also feel less burdened with anger when faced with setbacks. Yes, I get angry, annoyed but now a little level-headed and am just able to leave it. Guess the Yoga helps you rid negative energies and the stress of life. Take care and have a great weekend."

- P.F., MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"The Yoga lessons enhanced the circulation of blood to my brain and thus improved my concentration and memory. Yoga helps combat depression and anxiety; hence making life more cheerful. It's a healthy exercise and I sweat during lessons. This helps me excrete the waste products in my body to help me feel good and health!"

- Lee Phei Yi, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Students)


"Initially, my body was very stiff. Since I started learning Yoga here, I found my body becoming more flexible with each class. I had thought that Yoga would only help people lose weight since it is exercise. I didn't want to lose weight because I was already underweight. But I wanted to build up my body. I now realise that Yoga does not only help people to lose weight, but help them regulate the internal mechanism of the body. So, if one is underweight, Yoga can correct the internal make-up of the body and build muscles instead - I definitely did. I found extra strength in carrying out my daily chores at home. I also enjoyed the memory exercises in the Yoga for Students classes that improved my concentration."

- Dharmamaya Chandrahas, MALAYSIA (Yoga for General Health & Yoga for Students)


"We learned the Sandhya Maarga Yoga technique in Dubai. The asanas were carefully compiled by the Master and taught to provide relief for certain ailments or to overcome certain conditions. Very unique indeed!"

- Yashvardhan Raj, DUBAI (Yoga for General Health)


"I enjoyed every Sandhya Maarga Yoga session I've ever experienced. I had always thought that the final goal of Yoga is to be able to perform extreme postures. I was wrong. The goal of Yoga is actually to experience inner peace and balance in our life. Practicing Yogasanas (yoga postures) is one of the main important elements in Yoga. Not only do we exercise with each Sandhya Maarga Yoga session by performing the yoga postures, we are carefully guided how to lead a balanced lifestyle and to release all negativity that may be preventing us from living a wholesome life. Yoga has become my everyday ritual since I learned the Sandhya Maarga Yoga programme."

- Mandy Lawson, USA (Yoga for General Health)


"Usually, whenever Master visits India, we would have few personal sessions of Sandhya Maarga Yoga with her. My children are very hyperactive and have short span of attention. Their minds wander easily whenever they are asked to sit and study. During one of Master's visit to India in 2008, Master taught my children a series of Yogasanas to my kids and a few other children to improve their concentration level and calm their agitated minds. After practicing the series daily for about 2 weeks, I began to see an improvement. My younger son had a very bad temper but his temper seemed to have reduced and although they were still active, they were not hyperactive. They still practice the series taught by Master until today and they score good grades in school."

- Latha P., INDIA (Yoga for Kids)


"Sandhya Maarga Yoga was not my first encounter with Yoga. I had lessons before from other Yoga centres and I can tell you that it is different. I suffer from hypertension and since it is widely publicised that Yoga is good for people like me, I enrolled in some Yoga courses. I had terrible experiences with other Yoga centres because I didn't know what I was doing at all. All the 3 Yoga centres had me standing in front of the instructor, struggling to perform the asana that he/she just demonstrated. They were very disorganised and every class, they just demonstrated various stunts in the front as though we were attending some gymnastic class. I also suffered from very bad nausea after each class and initially, I thought it was normal because I was new to the exercise. 

After I couldn't take the nausea any more, I stopped Yoga for several years and one day, a friend of mine who regularly attended the SM meditation group asked me if I would like to join them for an introductory Yoga session taught by the Master who devised that particular Yoga system herself. She invited me because the theme for that session was for hypertension relief. She kept trying to convince me that it would be a different experience. I hesitated due to my previous experiences but finally decided to give it a try. 

I have finally found someone who actually explained the significance or philosophy behind each posture. Learning the SM Yoga system was absolutely satisfying because I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it for. I also discovered that the reason behind my nausea after each Yoga session back then was due to my hypertensive disorder. Although I tried to treat it with Yoga, it was backfired because hypertensive patients are not meant to perform certain postures. Therefore, Yoga is not just an exercise that can be taught by just anyone as most people assume today since it is now so commercialised. Yoga can be dangerous when the instructors do not know what they're doing and just push us to do some monkey stunts without first thoroughly understanding our physical condition."

- Julie Cross, UK (Yoga for Hypertensive Patients)


"The practice of Yogasanas is only one part of the overall Yoga programme. I follow the entire Sandhya Maarga Yoga programme, including the other limbs of Yoga for my spiritual awakening. I am not so easily irritated by small matters these days and I find myself appreciating life as each day goes by, and I feel contented and happy. Because my mind is not so bothered by all the negative thoughts that I had before, I can meditate much better now. I also find my physical health improving after practicing the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system for 3 years. Peace to all."

- Ă‰mile O'Gara, FRANCE (Yoga for Spiritual Awakening)


"I have experienced a newfound zeal for life. Practicing Yoga is the first thing I do 
every morning in New York. I love the system because it is different from others 
particularly for the courses founded by Master Genevieve herself. Having been in 
one of the early batches to practice AcuYogaPressure™ taught by the Master 
herself was quite an experience. I can really feel the flow of energy corrected within 
my subtle body, resulting in a healthier me."

- Irene Clay, USA (AcuYogaPressure)


"I feel great after practicing Yoga."

- Teh Lee Lian, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I really feel very light and active after joining Yoga. I also feel relaxed these days without much tension."

- Nagakani D. Krishnan, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I feel lighter. Lost about 2kgs after 3 months and I now have an easy bowel movement every morning."

- Alison Woon, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"Sandhya Maarga's Yoga for Weight Loss is great. It helps one to lose weight and the asanas really do help lighten your body and mind. It helps improve my digestive system and control my food intake. I would like to thank my instructors. Thank you very much!"

- Ravi, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I feel lighter, more energetic and have become more active. I have also learned how to breathe properly after learning Yoga here."

- Usha Raghavan, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I can feel the difference in my breathing and I feel much lighter than before."

- Amirthagowri, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I feel great! and I have lost weight (even before the term is up). Yoga is definitely the way of life!"

-  Sukhyedarjit Kaur, MALAYSIA (Yoga for Weight Loss)


"I find my Yoga lesson here very interesting with a lot of new things to learn. It helps me improve my flexibility overall as I practice the asanas taught to me every single day."

- Susan Koh Leh Kuan, MALAYSIA (Yoga for the Elderly)

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