Why Learn Yoga With Us?

Most Yoga practitioners practice Yoga to reap the health benefits that it can confer on the human body. At Sandhya Maarga, Yoga practitioners are taught systematic sets of Yogasanas at the Sandhya Maarga Centre that will regulate the flow of energy within your body, which will not only affect the physical health, but relaxes the mind and develops one's spiritual state as well.

Why are we unique?
Sandhya Maarga is an advocate of Yoga practice for therapeutic purposes. Unlike most other Yoga centres that offer classes to students by teaching them random Yogasanas (Yoga postures) every week, Sandhya Maarga instructors teach their students specific postures that have been devised for specific therapeutic purposes that the students have signed up for. These different step-by-step Yoga sets are also collectively known as Sandhya Maarga Yoga.

These Yogasanas are taught systematically so that each student reaps their full benefits. Furthermore, instructors at Sandhya Maarga aim to educate their students on the basics of Yoga and raise their awareness on such practices. Sandhya Maarga students (for most of the Yoga courses at SMHLA) will therefore find instructors explaining the benefits of each Asana so that the students do not only follow their instructors' directions, but are also aware how each Asana helps them achieve their goal.

In recognition for her contribution to the field of Yoga around the world, our founder, Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung, has also been appointed as the honorary advisor for the World Yoga Foundation. She has also been interviewed by various radio stations and TV stations overseas regarding natural health.

The Sandhya Maarga Yoga system is also featured on NTV7's famous breakfast show "Good Morning Tai Tai" every week.

Sandhya Maarga Yoga Courses
We have a diversed variety of Yoga courses that can suit your needs. Currently, we offer 10 different types of Yoga courses (Click on option to find out more):

1)   Yoga for General Health
2)   Yoga for Students
3)   Yoga for Kids
4)   Prenatal Yoga
5)   Postnatal Yoga
6)   Yoga for Hypertensive Patients
7)   Yoga for the Elderly
8)   Yoga for Weight Loss
9)   Aqua Yoga
10) Sandhya Maarga AcuYogaPressure
11) Sandhya Maarga Abhyangam Yoga
12) Sandhya Maarga Arohanam Yoga (Ascension Yoga)
13) Dancing with Yoga
14) Ab-Morphing

Yoga Instructors
Our instructors are qualified and experienced in the field of alternative medicines such as Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Medicinal Herbalism and Vibrational Medicine. Using alternative medicine methods, both have served the poor and ailing society around the world (especially in India) for many years and have trained Yoga practitioners around the globe.

Summary of why you should learn Yoga with us?
1)  We offer different varieties of Yoga courses that have been devised to suit a specific therapeutic purpose.

2)  Students will be guided by professional Yoga instructors, who are also experienced in other fields of alternative medicines. As practitioners of alternative medicines, they know how the human body works and would therefore be able to ensure that their students can keep up with the course effectively.

3)  Yoga students will not only learn how to perform the Yogasanas (Yoga postures), but also learn why and how such asana can benefit them.

4)  The main focus of these Yoga courses is for everyone to benefit the therapeutic value of Yoga practice and not to force the body to perform extreme Yoga postures. Safety in the classroom is a very important feature at all of our centres. Instructors, using their knowledge of how the body works, will do their best to ensure that their students do not hurt themselves during practice sessions.

5)  As instructors are strong advocates for natural and balanced living, students can expect to benefit from tips and guidance on how to lead a more balanced and natural lifestyle to maximise the potential of living a better life.

6)  Students signing up for any Yoga course with Sandhya Maarga are welcomed to join the FREE* weekly EFT & Laughing Yoga class (held on every Friday evenings) - applicable to the Klang branch only. (*subject to availability only. Please contact your respective centre.)

7)  We are truly passionate about health and well-being. From time-to-time, we at Sandhya Maarga will organise health talks and workshops that our students can either participate for FREE or a minimal fee.

8)  Our students have access to body scans and one-to-one health consultations from time-to-time to ensure that the Yoga course that they have signed up for is helping them with their health.

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