Sudha Kanisan

Sudha Kanisan, B.Sc (Nursing)
Head of Student Affairs, Head Preceptor for SM Mission, Lecturer

Sudha is a registered nurse at a renowned private hospital in Malaysia who also holds a professional certificate in Renal Nursing. She has many years of wide multi-disciplinary clinical nursing as well as nursing management experiences, whose responsibilities also include guiding and giving lectures to other nursing staff and students.

Her 20 years of nursing experience also brought her abroad to Saudi Arabia, whereby Sudha was awarded the "Nurse Achievement Award for Best Nursing Management" in 2010 for her introduction of new interventions that can help boost the efficiency in nursing practice and improvement of the overall medical system.

Despite being a professional healthcare worker, Sudha has also deep interests in alternative systems of medicines such as Yoga, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine, which she has been practicing for some number of years now.

Sudha has delivered a lecture on geriatric care in 2014 during our "Natural Health Today" Sandhya Maarga International Health Conference, and another lecture about dialysis and kidney health at our 2015 "Health Within Reach" Sandhya Maarga International Health Conference.

She is part of our panel of Honorary Advisors to advise us on matters related to Allopathic Medicine and Health, and is one of our lecturers for some of our health-related courses.

Sudha is also the Head Preceptor of the Sandhya Maarga Mission for the Malaysian region.

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