Saral Ushtrasana Pose for Back Problems

This Saral Ushtrasana (The Simple Camel Pose) pose focuses on the naval area, helps slim and tone the waist and neckline. At the same time, it helps strengthens the nerves and muscles of the arms and lower legs. As it focuses on the naval area which stimulates on the Manipura Chakra, it also helps tone up the abdominal viscera such as the liver, kidney, pancreas and bladder, as well as providing relief to stomach and intestinal problems. It also stretches the lumber and sacral regions, which is beneficial for those suffering from backaches.

People suffering from knee injury should avoid attempting this Asana.

Note: Please search for "Vajrasana" pose.
1) Assume Vajrasana (the diamond pose) and relax the whole body.
2) Place the left hand on the left heel.
3) Inhale slowly and lift the right arm straight out from the front. Chest goes up till the finger tips point at the sky, while slightly slant backward (Exhale)
4) Again, inhale slowly while raising the buttocks off the legs and push the hips, abdomen and chest forward, as far as possible.
5) Hold the breath and stay in the final position for few seconds.
6) Exhale slowly and return to Vajrasana.
7) Change hands. Perform 4 times each side alternatively.

Notes for Beginners:
Slightly separating the knees, bending the ankles and raising the heels while keeping the feet vertically on the floor with the toes facing inwards will make the pose easier for you.

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