Yoga for Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight with Yoga? Yoga generally helps promote the state of well-being and in the course of correcting the flow of subtle energy within the body, Yoga will also help one lose weight. Those who are interested in a more fast-paced Yoga course to burn fat more effectively, try our new Velocity Yoga / CardiYogaRobics course instead. And if you are interested in building six-pack abs, check out our Ab-Morphing™ course.

Why enrol for the "Sandhya Maarga Yoga for Weight Loss" Course?
The entire SM Yoga for Weight Loss system is designed for the purpose of trimming one's, burning fat and toning up. Whether you want to burn fat, or just tone up your body, this course is suitable for you. Not only will the Yogasanas help you achieve these, the instructors will also educate you on how to maintain a healthy diet and provide you with useful tips to enhance your weight management experience.

Who can join this course?
Anyone above the age of 12.

***WARNING: This course may be rigorous. People suffering from hypertension, vertigo, spondylosis, slipped disc, asthmatic patients, women who are pregnant etc. are not encouraged to participate in this course. Check out our other courses to find the most suitable one that you can enrol in.

**All Yoga courses at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy follow the 'term' system. For most of our courses, the course term lasts for approximately 3 months (12 weeks).

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