Postnatal Yoga

The "Postnatal Yoga" course is ideal for new mothers to gently and safely recover from the stress and pain of childbirth and prepare for motherhood. Instructors will teach Asanas (postures) that are beneficial for the new mother's mind and body in the weeks and months after birth.

Through Yoga practice, women after childbirth can help boost one's wellness following their pregnancy period. After childbirth, the mothers' abdominal muscles are usually very weak. The course will focus on realigning the pelvis, strengthening the pelvic floor and resetting the endocrine system to support the mother during her first year after childbirth with Yoga exercises. These classes will also help the mother achieve deep relaxation and experience well-being at a time when nurture is critical, as well as re-shaping the mother's body after birth.

Practicing Yoga after childbirth can help prevent many other health problems that may occur due to poor management and care of the body.

Why enrol for the "Postnatal Yoga" course?
The postnatal year is a critical juncture in any new mother's life. Proper care must be taken to preserve and strengthen the body to overcome the stress that she has undergone during the pregnancy period, and the stress that she is about to cope with after childbirth. If the body is not taken care of properly during the postnatal year, the body is likely to be weak, hence making it vulnerable to all types of diseases.

The "Postnatal Yoga" course at Sandhya Maarga will teach new mothers how to effectively cope and manage the stress in their daily lives, strengthen their bodies so that they regain vitality and re-shape their bodies after childbirth.

Who can join this course?
Any woman who has given birth to a child before. It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks after delivery prior to resuming physical activity.

**All Yoga courses at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy follow the 'term' system. For most of our courses, the course term lasts for approximately 3 months (12 weeks).

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