Padahastasana for Weight Loss and Indigestion

This Padahastasana is derived from the Sanskrit terms, "Pada" (foot) and "hasta" (hands). This is a pose whereby both the feet and hands meet together. The Asana is very effective for treating indigestion as it activates our abdominal organs by enhancing the functioning of the digestive system and improve the effective release of digestive juices.

Padahastasana is also good in helping people lose weight as well as relieve physical and mental exhaustion. This Asana gives the hip joints a good stretch, thus alleviates back pain as well.

People suffering from back problems, high blood pressure and heart disease should avoid this exercise. For beginners, do not strain yourself too much in perfecting the pose during the exercise.

1) Stand straight with feet close together and spread both hands straight above the head.
2) Exhale while bending forward the upper body while keeping the arms aligned with the upper body. Both legs are to remain straight during the process.
3) Attempt to place fingers on the ground on both sides (each hand beside each foot respectively).
4) If the body is flexible enough, place both palms flat on the ground with forehead touching the knees.
5) Remain in the final pose as long as possible.
6) Once you are ready to get up, inhale while slowly lifting the upper body to return to the position stated in Step 1.
7) Repeat the Asana four times.

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