Kandarasana - Shoulder Relief

This Kandarasana (The Shoulder Pose) benefits the shoulders, abdominal region and neck. For those who suffering from back pain or bad posture, Kandarasana helps to relieve backache and realign the spine. As it stretches the abdominal region, it massages the entire intestine and helps improve the digestive system. This asana works effectively for women who suffer from menstruation problems or uterus disorders. Those who trying to shape and tone up their waistline can also resort to Kandarasana.

Patients suffering from hernia, peptic and duodenal ulcers, pregnant women with more than 3 months, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cervical spondylosis should not attempt to this asana.

1) Lie flat on the back with leg slightly separated and arms on either side of the body with palms facing upwards. Relax the whole body and breathe normally. This ready position is also known as Shavasana.
2) Bend both legs at the knee and feet flat on the floor. Bring them closer to the buttocks with hands holding the ankles.
3) Inhale while lifting up the buttocks as high as possible while head, neck, shoulders and feet remain on the floor.
4) Slowly carry forward your abdomen towards the head direction to allow the chest to be pressed against the chin.
5) Remain in this final pose for 20 to 25 seconds for beginners or 30 to 40 seconds for advanced practitioners.
6) Exhale while slowly lowering down the buttocks towards the floor.
7) Rest for a few seconds and then repeat the Asana another 3 to 4 times.

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