Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a modern developing practice of personal development and in some cases, a form of alternative therapy. Practitioners have reported that EFT is effective for personal development, attitude and behavioural development, resolving personal problems, reducing stress and restoring life balance.

Recurring negative emotions can be disturbing and take a toll on one's emotional state. Since the root cause of all diseases is in the mind, such negative emotions can be debilitating and hinder one's progress in life. People often resort to counselling, drugs, doctors and many other ways to release these feelings in some way. Although every approach has its merits, EFT's popularity to release negative emotions in this modern society today is growing.

EFT is a gentle, yet effective method to re-balance the body's energy system. Tapping at a specific point will help clear an energetic blockage that prevents the life force within the body from flowing effectively.

The process of tapping specific meridian points is unbelievably simple yet uplifting! Practitioners claim that practising EFT can improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

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