Dwayne Tan Lih How

Dwayne Tan Lih How is the co-founder and instructor for the Sandhya Maarga's Ab-Morphing course, a course that is designed to train you for the 6-packs that you have always dreamed of from nothing at all.

A muscle-building expert, having successfully trained himself and others in building the abs they have always desired, Tan has plenty of hard facts to share about how the body burns fat and lose weight. He helps students analyse their progress as to how certain habits they practice may inhibit their progress in weight loss / ab-building.

Apart from his muscle-building talent, Tan is also a young and passionate poet who has a flair for both writing and music.

From a tender age, Dwayne has been able to compose poems spontaneously within just a few minutes on any given topic. He actively participates in various online poetry forums to share his talent with the community that appreciates this form of art. From writing short notes to long letters, he never fails to include a poem to go with it.

Also a fan of rap music and guitar, the boy finds no difficulties in producing rhyming lyrics.

He is Sandhya Maarga's lyricist who also contributes inspirational-based poetry & writes fitness-related articles for our online magazine, Holistic Living Annex.

Tan is currently co-authoring a book with Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung about natural fitness and weight loss.

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