Baddhapadma Meruvakrasana for Upper Body Massage

This Baddhapadma Meruvakrasana (Locked Lotus Spinal-Twist Pose) is the combination of Maruvakrasana and Baddhapadmasana. This pose concentrates on the torso part of the body. It stretches and massages the neck, shoulder, spine and waistline. The pose is ideal for those who stand or work on the computer for long hours as it helps massage the upper body. The Asana (pose) also tones up the muscles on the sides of the torso. The intestines and bladder are strengthened with the concentrated twist at the abdomen area. As the Asana also stretches both legs and hands, it also benefits people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

Practice some forward and backward bending exercises in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) position before attempting to perform this pose. Be very cautious while twisting both sides of the torso and spine to avoid injury. NOTE: Stretch only as much as you can without force!

1) Sit in Padmasana (Lotus Pose: see below) and relax the whole body.
2) Inhale slowly while twisting the shoulders to the left. Place the right palm on the left knee and slightly push further to twist the shoulder a little bit more to stretch to the left. Remember to keep the left hand straight.
3) Now put the left hand around the back and clutch onto the left leg’s big toe.
4) Turn the head parallel to the left shoulder and look forward.
5) Remain in this final position comfortably for as long as you can and breathe regularly.
6) When you are ready, slowly exhale while releasing both hands to return facing the front.
7) Continue in Padmasana sitting, and then twist the shoulder to right side and carry on the same way as described in the above (but using the opposite hand and leg).
Repeat twice for both sides.

**Padmasana pose: Sit with spine upright, and place the right foot on the left thigh close to the hip. Similarly,the left foot should also be placed on the right thigh.

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