Aqua Yoga (Pool Yoga)

Sandhya Maarga is probably the first centre in Malaysia that offers authentic Aqua Yoga classes. Our students practice real Yogasanas in the pool (a combination of traditional Hatha Yoga and unique Sandhya Maarga Aqua Yogasanas) instead of just doing water aerobics. Just as it sounds, learning Aqua Yoga with us is absolutely fun and healthy. If swimming in the pool can benefit the health tremendously, practicing Yoga in the pool can double, if not triple, the positive effects on the body.

Why enrol for the "Aqua Yoga (Pool Yoga)" Course?
Water is a great medium to exercise due to low impact and possibilities of creating various levels of resistance to suit individuals’ abilities and needs. It offers the potential for safely extending stretches in ways that are not possible for many people on land. The properties of water are fully used when bodies are immersed up to the shoulders and neck. Therefore, one can benefit from the positive effects of hydrotherapy while working out.

Our Aqua Yoga course has been featured on NTV7. It will be a unique experience indeed for those who enrol for this course. The recording to the documentary can be found here:

Who can join this course?
Anyone above the age of 12.

**All Yoga courses at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy follow the 'term' system. For most of our courses, the course term lasts for approximately 3 months (12 weeks).

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Sandhya Maarga Aqua Yoga NTV7 Interview


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