Ab-Morphing™ (Building Abs from Scratch)

Dreaming of the tummy of a fitness model or bodybuilder? If you find six-pack abs fascinating, here is the beginning of your journey. Whether you are working on building lean muscle mass or aiming to lose body fat to build six-pack abs, which is considered by many as the "gold standard" for being "fit", our unique Ab-Morphing™ course has much to offer.

Getting six-pack abs can be a great deal of hard work. Unless you have a strong discipline and use the correct methods, it can be a long and arduous battle. Our academy have 3 unique types of Weight Loss courses that you can enrol yourself for:
- SM Yoga for Weight Loss 
Velocity Yoga / CardiYogaRobics and
- Ab-Morphing™

Each course for weight loss has its own unique features. SM Yoga for Weight Loss and Velocity Yoga™ / CardiYogaRobics™ are systems that use Yogasanas (Yoga postures) designed specially for students to aid weight loss. The only difference between the two is the pace and intensity of the workout. The Ab-Morphing™ course are suitable for those who are serious in building six-pack abs.

Why enrol for the "Ab-Morphing" Course?
Our Ab-Morphing™ course on the other hand is for those who would specifically like to lose weight and sculpt a body with six-pack abs in a short period of time. With a fitness expert in ab-building guiding you, you are sure to be taking a big step forward towards accomplishing your goal. With a fitness expert guiding you your progress in building the muscles and abs you have always dreamed of, you will learn how to upkeep a healthy and suitable diet that is conducive in shaping the six-packs you desire. It will be similar to enrolling in a personal training programme in a gym, only without the complex equipments and real results!

Who can join this course?
Anyone above the age of 16.

***WARNING: This course is rigorous. People suffering from hypertension, vertigo, spondylosis, slipped disc, asthmatic patients, women who are pregnant etc. are not encouraged to participate in this course. Check out our other courses to find the most suitable one that you can enrol in.

**All Yoga courses at Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy follow the 'term' system. For most of our courses, the course term lasts for approximately 3 months (12 weeks).

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